Theme Ride Guide

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ThemeGroove RideCody Rigsby2/27/201930Dance Movie Jams
Theme My MixtapeJenn Sherman2/24/201960Live in concert
ThemeMotown RideAlex Toussaint2/23/201930
ThemeBlack History RideCody Rigsby2/22/201930
ThemeFunk RideEmma Lovewell2/19/201945
ThemeBlack History RideJess King2/19/201930
Power ZoneFTP TestDenis Morton2/15/201920
ThemeDiana Ross RideAlly Love2/14/201930*Diana Ross
ThemeMy MixtapeJenn Sherman2/14/201945Breakup songs
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby2/13/201945Breakup Anthems
ThemeBlack History RideAlex Toussaint2/11/201945
ThemeMy MixtapeJenn Sherman2/10/201960Best of Cover songs
ThemeBlack History 60’s RideHannah Marie Corbin2/9/201930
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby2/8/201930Celebrity Breakups
IntervalsIntervals & Arms RideChristine D’Ercole2/6/201930Clapback Ride version 2
ThemeMetal RideJennifer Jacobs2/6/201920
ThemePunk RideJennifer Jacobs2/6/201920
ThemeBlack History RideAlly Love2/6/201945
ThemePremiere RideOlivia Amato2/5/201930
ThemeMaroon 5 RideCody Rigsby2/1/201930*Maroon 5
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby1/4/201945Bad Girl Bops
Low ImpactLow Impact RideRobin Arzon1/19/201920Dirty Dancing Ride
ThemeSoul RideAlly Love12/10/201820
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby12/7/201845Girl Groups, Boy Bands, Celeb Breakups
ThemeElton John RideJess King12/1/201845*Elton John
ThemeTurkey BurnRobin Arzon11/22/201845
ThemeThe Greatest Showman RideRobin Arzon11/16/201830
ThemeKeith Urban RideHannah Marie Corbin11/16/201830*Keith Urban
ThemeJazz RideHannah Marie Corbin11/12/201820
ThemePremiere RideBen Alldis11/12/201845
ThemePremiere RideLeanne Hainsby11/12/201845
ThemeQueen RideDenis Morton11/2/201830*Queen
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby11/2/201845*Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj
ThemeQueen RideRobin Arzon10/22/201845*Queen
Low ImpactLow Impact RideJenn Sherman10/17/201910A Star is Born (Lady Gaga)
ThemeCanadian PopAlex Toussaint10/12/201845
ThemeCanadian RockMatt Wilpers10/11/201830
ThemeLatin RideCody Rigsby10/8/201845Playlist curated with Christina Aguilera
ThemePop RideEmma Lovewell10/7/201830*Sia, Florence + The Machine
ThemeBoss RideAlly Love10/7/201845
ThemeCaribbean Music RideAlly Love10/6/201845
ThemeFresh Friday RideDenis Morton10/5/201830*Beastie Boys, Guns N’ Roses, Bruce Springsteen
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby9/28/201845*David Guetta, Sia
ThemePick-Me-Up RideHannah Marie Corbin9/28/201830Celebrating Hannah’s wedding
ThemeY2K Country RideHannah Marie Corbin9/27/201820*Jason Aldean
Theme90s Country RideHannah Marie Corbin9/27/201820*Shania Twain
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby9/21/201845*Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande
ThemeClassic Rock RideChristine D’Ercole9/20/201830One Hit Wonders
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby9/14/201845*Missy Elliott, Ciara
ClimbClimb RideJenn Sherman9/12/201810*Elton John
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby9/7/201845*Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez
ThemeFresh Friday RideDenis Morton9/7/201830*Katy Perry, The Killers, Foo Fighters
ThemeYacht Rock RideJenn Sherman9/2/201845
ThemeClassic Rock RideHannah Marie Corbin9/1/201830*Journey, Boston
ThemeAriana Grande RideCody Rigsby8/24/201845*Ariana Grande
ThemePop RideRobin Arzon8/22/201820*Aretha Franklin Tribute
ThemeYacht Rock RideJenn Sherman8/19/201845
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby8/17/201845Classic VMA Performances
ThemeY2K Rock RideEmma Lovewell8/15/201830*Arcade Fire
ThemePop RideEmma Lovewell8/10/201820*Rihanna
Theme70s RideHannah Marie Corbin8/10/201815*ABBA
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby7/31/201820*Missy Elliott vs. Ciara
Theme80s Pop RideHannah Marie Corbin7/28/201830*U2
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby7/27/201845Former Disney Stars (Britney, Justin, Miley, Selena, Demi)
ThemeCountry RideHannah Marie Corbin7/26/201830*Kenny Chesney
ThemePop RideEmma Lovewell7/25/201830*Mariah Carey
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby7/20/201845Songs about sex
ThemeCountry RideHannah Marie Corbin7/19/201830*Tim McGraw
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby7/13/201845Guilty Pleasures
ThemeCountry RideHannah Marie Corbin7/12/201830*Rascal Flatts
ThemeGuns N’ Roses RideJennifer Jacobs7/10/201845*Guns N’ Roses
ThemePop RideEmma Lovewell7/7/201830*Calvin Harris
ThemeAll for One RideCycling Instructors7/1/201845
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby6/29/201845Blonde Women
Power ZoneFTP Test RideMatt Wilpers6/28/201820Most recent FTP test for power zone training
ThemePop RideAlly Love6/28/201830*Ciara
ThemePop RideAlly Love6/21/201820*Justin Bieber
ThemeImagine DragonsChristine D'Ercole6/19/201845*Imagine Dragons
ThemePop RideAlly Love6/18/201820*Justin Bieber
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby6/15/201845LGBTQ artists
Theme Southern Rock RideHannah Marie Corbin6/9/201845*Lynyrd Skynrd
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby6/8/201830Guilty Pleasures
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby6/8/201845*Britney Spears vs. Whitney Houston
ThemePop RideEmma Lovewell6/8/201820*Sia
ThemeHip Hop RideAlex Toussaint6/4/201845*Kanye West
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby5/25/201845Songs about ass
ThemePop RideEmma Lovewell5/24/201830*Florence + the Machine
ThemeHip Hop RideAlly Love5/23/201845*Drake
ThemeHip Hop RideAlex Toussaint5/14/201845*Drake
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby4/27/201845*David Guetta
Theme80s Pop RideAlly Love4/25/201830*Whitney Houston
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby4/13/201845*Spice Girls vs. The Pussycat Dolls
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby4/12/201830Girl Groups
ThemePop RideEmma Lovewell4/11/201830*Janet Jackson
ThemeClassic Rock RideHannah Marie Corbin4/11/201845*Grateful Dead
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby4/6/201845*Lady Gaga vs. Madonna
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby3/30/201845*Drake vs. Chris Brown
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby3/23/201845East Coast vs. West Coast
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby3/16/201845*Backstreet Boys vs. *NSYNC
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby3/9/201845*Justin Bieber vs. Usher
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby3/2/201845*Drake vs. Rihanna
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby2/23/201845*Britney Spears vs. Justin Timberlake
Theme Country RideHannah Marie Corbin2/22/201830*Keith Urban vs. Kenny Chesney
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby2/16/201845*Justin Bieber vs. Selena Gomez
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby2/9/201845*Diddy vs. JLo
ThemeCountry RideHannah Marie Corbin2/8/201830*Jason Aldean
Low ImpactLow Impact RideRobin Arzon2/7/201820*The Greatest Showman
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby2/2/201845*Justin Timberlake
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby1/26/201845*Whitney Houston vs. Mariah Carey
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby1/19/201845*Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby1/12/201845*Christina Aguilera vs. Britney Spears
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby1/5/201845*Demi Lovato vs. Selena Gomez
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby12/29/201745*Black Eyed Peas
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby12/15/201745*Drake
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby12/8/201745*Whitney Houston
ThemeCountry RideHannah Marie Corbin12/7/201730*Thomas Rhett
Theme Country RideHannah Marie Corbin12/2/201720*Kenny Chesney
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby12/1/201745*Britney Spears
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby11/24/201745*Sia
ThemeGrove RideCody Rigsby11/21/201730*Madonna
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby11/10/201745*Kelly Clarkson
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby10/27/201745*Kanye West
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby10/13/201745*Ciara vs. Ludacris
ThemeCountry RideHannah Marie Corbin10/12/201730*Florida Georgia Line
ThemeCountry RideHannah Marie Corbin10/7/201720*Miranda Lambert vs. Lady Antebellum
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby10/6/201745*P!nk
ThemeCountry RideHannah Marie Corbin10/5/201730*Carrie Underwood
ThemePop Legends RideJenn Sherman9/28/201745*Green Day
ThemeGroove RideCody Rigsby9/26/201730*Justin Timberlake
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby9/22/201745MIssy Elliott
ThemePop Legends RideJenn Sherman9/21/201745*Britney Spears
ThemePop Legends RideJenn Sherman9/14/201745*Katy Perry
Theme90s RideCody Rigsby9/12/201745*90s Movies
ThemeYacht Rock RideJenn Sherman9/10/201745
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King9/9/201745
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby9/8/201745*Rihanna
ThemeClub Bangers RideAlex Toussaint9/6/201745
ThemePop Legends RideJenn Sherman9/6/201745*Pink, P!nk
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King9/2/201745
ThemeClub Bangers RideAlex Toussaint9/2/201745
ThemePop Legends RideJenn Sherman8/31/201745*Lady Gaga
ThemeYacht Rock RideJenn Sherman8/27/201745
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King8/26/201745
ThemeNominees RideAlex Toussaint8/26/201745*VMA Nominees
ThemeFunk RideAlly Love8/25/201745
ThemeBig & Brassy RideHannah Marie Corbin8/20/201745
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love8/20/201745
ThemeYacht Rock RideJenn Sherman8/20/201745
ThemeSoul Music RideAlly Love8/18/201745
ThemePop Legends RideJenn Sherman8/17/201745*Maroon 5
ThemeClub Bangers RideAlex Toussaint8/16/201745
ThemeDrive-In RideJennifer Jacobs8/15/201745
ThemeBig & Brassy RideHannah Marie Corbin8/13/201745
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love8/13/201745
ThemeClub Bangers RideAlex Toussaint8/12/201745
ThemeFunk RideJenn Sherman8/12/201745
ThemeYacht Rock RideJenn Sherman8/12/201745
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby8/11/201745*Selena Gomez vs. The Weeknd
ThemePop Legends RideJenn Sherman8/10/201745*Rihanna
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love8/6/201745
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King8/5/201745
ThemeClub Bangers RideAlex Toussaint8/5/201745
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby8/4/201745*featuring Justin Bieber
ThemePop Legends RideJenn Sherman8/2/201745*Bruno Mars
ThemeDrive-In RideJennifer Jacobs8/1/201745
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love7/30/201745
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King7/29/201745
ThemeClub Bangers RideAlex Toussaint7/29/201745
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby7/28/201745*Katy Perry
ThemeSoul Music RideAlly Love7/28/201745
ThemeFunk RideJenn Sherman7/23/201745
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love7/23/201745
ThemeYacht Rock RideJenn Sherman7/23/201760
ThemeClub Bangers RideAlex Toussaint7/22/201745
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby7/21/201745*JLo (Jennifer Lopez) vs. Ricky Martin
ThemeSoul Music RideAlly Love7/21/201745
ThemePop Legends RideJenn Sherman7/20/201745*Coldplay
ThemePremiere RideDenis Morton7/20/201745
ThemeCountry RideHannah Marie Corbin7/18/201720*Old Dominion
ThemePremiere RideEmma Lovewell7/18/201745
ThemeBig & Brassy RideHannah Marie Corbin7/16/201745
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King7/15/201745
ThemeFarewell RideSteven Little7/14/201745
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby7/14/201745*The Chainsmokers
ThemeSoul Music RideAlly Love7/14/201745
ThemePop Legends RideJenn Sherman7/13/201745*Justin Timberlake
ThemeDrive-In RideJennifer Jacobs7/11/201745
Live DJLive DJ RideJess King7/9/20174580’s Ride
ThemeBig & Brassy RideHannah Marie Corbin7/9/201745
ThemeYacht Rock RideJenn Sherman7/9/201760
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King7/8/201745
ThemeSoul Music RideAlly Love7/7/201745
Theme4th of July RideMatt Wilpers7/4/201745
Theme4th of July RideAlex Toussaint7/4/201745
Theme4th of July RideAlly Love7/4/201745
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love7/2/201745
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King7/1/201745
ThemeBig & Brassy RideHannah Marie Corbin7/1/201745
ThemeSoul Music RideAlly Love6/30/201745
ThemeDrive-In RideJennifer Jacobs6/27/201745
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King6/24/201745
ThemeSoul Music RideAlly Love6/23/201745
ThemePride RideJess King6/22/201745
ThemePride RideJennifer Jacobs6/21/201745
ThemeRock RideHannah Marie Corbin6/20/201745*Phish
ThemeDrive-In RideJennifer Jacobs6/20/201745
ThemeBig & Brassy RideHannah Marie Corbin6/18/201745
ThemeFather's Day RideSteven Little6/18/201745
ThemeFunk RideJenn Sherman6/18/201745
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love6/18/201745
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King6/17/201745
ThemeFather's Day RideChristine D'Ercole6/17/201745
ThemeCountry RideHannah Marie Corbin6/16/201730*Kenny Chesney
ThemePride RideCody Rigsby6/16/201745
ThemeSoul Music RideAlly Love6/16/201745
ThemePop Legends RideJenn Sherman6/15/201745*Adele
ThemePride RideMatt Wilpers6/14/201745
ThemeDrive-In RideJennifer Jacobs6/13/201745
Live DJLive DJ RideHannah Marie Corbin6/11/201745Tony Awards Ride
ThemeMetal RideJennifer Jacobs6/9/201745
ThemePop Legends RideJenn Sherman6/8/201745*Justin Bieber
ThemeNominees RideChristine D'Ercole6/7/201745*Tony Award Nominees
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love6/4/201745
ThemeJenn's Last Call RideJenn Sherman6/4/201760
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King6/3/201745
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby6/2/201745*Former Disney Kids (Justin, Britney, Christina, Miley)
ThemeBest Soundtracks RideChristine D'Ercole6/1/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman6/1/201745*Best Of Series
ThemeCountry RideHannah Marie Corbin5/30/201720*Keith Urban
ThemeJenn's Last Call RideJenn Sherman5/28/201760
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King5/27/201745
Live DJLive DJ RideJess King5/26/20174590’s Hip Hop Ride
ThemeCountry RideHannah Marie Corbin5/26/201730*CMA Music fest
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby5/26/201745*Selena Gomez
ThemeBest Male Solo Artists RideChristine D'Ercole5/25/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman5/25/201745*Pearl Jam
ThemeJenn's Last Call RideJenn Sherman5/21/201760
ThemeNominees RideJenn Sherman5/21/201745Billboard Music Awards Nominees
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby5/19/201745*Britney Spears
ThemeBest Female Artists RideChristine D'Ercole5/18/201745
ThemeDear Mama RideAlly Love5/14/201745
ThemeJenn's Last Call RideJenn Sherman5/14/201760
ThemePelomoms' RideJenn Sherman5/14/201745
ThemeThe Madre RideHannah Marie Corbin5/14/201745
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King5/13/201745
ThemeDisco RideJenn Sherman5/13/201745
ThemeMother's Day RideRobin Arzon5/13/201745
ThemeMother's Day RideChristine D'Ercole5/13/201745
ThemeBest Jam Bands RideChristine D'Ercole5/11/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman5/11/201745*GNR, Guns N' Roses
ThemeGrunge RideHannah Marie Corbin5/9/201720
ThemeEpic Sing Along RideJenn Sherman5/7/201760
ThemeEpic Sing Along RideJenn Sherman5/7/201745
ThemeHRI #RideOfShame RideJess King5/6/201745
ThemeHRI 90s Hip Hop RideAlex Toussaint5/6/201745
ThemeHRI Epic Sing Along RideJenn Sherman5/6/201745
ThemeHRI Groove RideCody Rigsby5/6/201745
ThemeHRI Maverick RideJennifer Jacobs5/6/201745
ThemeHRI My Mom's Playlist RideHannah Marie Corbin5/6/201745
ThemeHRI New Tracks RideAlly Love5/6/201745
ThemeCinco De Miles RideAlly Love5/5/201745
ThemeBest 1 Hit Wonders RideChristine D'Ercole5/4/201745
ThemeDisco RideJenn Sherman5/4/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman5/4/201745*Queen
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King4/29/201745
ThemeBest Duets RideChristine D'Ercole4/27/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman4/27/201745*Van Halen
Theme1000th RideCody Rigsby4/26/201745
Theme60s RideHannah Marie Corbin4/25/201730*British Invasion
ThemeDisco RideHannah Marie Corbin4/25/201720
ThemeJenn's Last Call RideJenn Sherman4/23/201760
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King4/22/201745
ThemeBest Covers RideChristine D'Ercole4/20/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman4/20/201745*Fleetwood Mac
ThemeJenn's Last Call RideJenn Sherman4/16/201760
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King4/15/201745
ThemeBest Drummers RideChristine D'Ercole4/13/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman4/13/201745*The Who
ThemeGrunge RideChristine D'Ercole4/10/201745
ThemeEpic Sing Along RideJenn Sherman4/9/201745
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King4/8/201745
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby4/7/201745*Usher
ThemeBest Guitarists RideChristine D'Ercole4/6/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman4/6/201745*The Rolling Stones
ThemeBracket Madness RideAlly Love4/3/201745
ThemeBasketball Pregame RideJenn Sherman4/2/201745
ThemeEpic Sing Along RideJenn Sherman4/2/201760
ThemeDisco RideJennifer Jacobs4/1/201745
Live DJLive DJ RideRobin Arzon3/31/20174590's Hip Hop Ride
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman3/30/201745*Journey
ThemeBoy Bands RideJenn Sherman3/28/201730
ThemeBracket Madness RideAlly Love3/27/201745
ThemeEpic Sing Along RideJenn Sherman3/26/201760
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King3/25/201745
ThemeDisco RideJennifer Jacobs3/24/201730
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby3/24/201745*JLo, Jennifer Lopez, Drake
Theme1000th RideChristine D'Ercole3/23/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman3/23/201745*Genesis, Phil Collins
ThemeEvolution of DanceAlex Toussaint3/21/201745
ThemeRock RideHannah Marie Corbin3/21/201730*CCR, Creedence Clearwater Revival
ThemeBrasket Madness RideAlly Love3/20/201745
ThemeEpic Sing Along RideJenn Sherman3/19/201760
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King3/18/201745
ThemeIrish Rock RideSteven Little3/17/201745
ThemePop RideCody Rigsby3/17/201745*Jay-Z
ThemeSt. Paddy's Day RideChristine D'Ercole3/17/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman3/16/201745*Bruce Springsteen
ThemeHip Hop N' ElectroHannah Marie Corbin3/15/201745
ThemeArtist vs. Artist Ride Alex Toussaint3/14/201745*Drake vs. Lil Wayne
ThemeYou're Worth It RideHannah Marie Corbin3/14/201730
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon3/13/201745
ThemeEpic Sing Along RideJenn Sherman3/12/201760
ThemeFight Kidney Disease RideHannah Marie Corbin3/12/201745
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love3/12/201745
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King3/11/201745
ThemeDisco RideJennifer Jacobs3/11/201745
ThemePunk RideMatt Wilpers3/11/201745
ThemeBest of the 80s Mix RideJennifer Jacobs3/10/201745
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby3/10/201745*Calvin Harris
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 80-85Christine D'Ercole3/9/201745Titanium Rider Tribute
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman3/9/201745*Aerosmith
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin3/9/201745
ThemeHip Hop N' Electro RideHannah Marie Corbin3/8/201745
ThemeArtist vs. Artist RideAlex Toussaint3/7/201745*Big Sean vs. T.I.
ThemeDani California RideHannah Marie Corbin3/7/201730*Red Hot Chili Peppers
ThemeTwofer Tuesday RideJenn Sherman3/7/201745Back-to-back artists
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon3/6/201745
Theme60s/70s/80s RideHannah Marie Corbin3/5/201745
ThemeEpic Sing Along RideJenn Sherman3/5/201760
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love3/5/201745
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby3/3/201745*David Guetta
ThemeBeautiful Day RideHannah Marie Corbin3/2/201720*U2
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 00-05Christine D'Ercole3/2/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman3/2/201745*Eagles
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin3/2/201745
ThemeHip Hop N' Electro RideHannah Marie Corbin3/1/201745
ThemeSoft Rock RideAlly Love3/1/201745
ThemeArtist vs. Artist RideAlex Toussaint2/28/201745*J. Cole vs. Kendrick Lamar
ThemeLadies Who Rock RideJennifer Jacobs2/28/201745
ThemeLimelight RideHannah Marie Corbin2/28/201730*Rush
ThemeToxic RideJenn Sherman2/28/201730*Britney Spears
ThemeTwofer Tuesday RideJenn Sherman2/28/201745Back-to-back artists
Theme60s/70s/80s RideHannah Marie Corbin2/26/201745
ThemeEpic Sing Along RideJenn Sherman2/26/201760
Theme#RideofShame RideJess King2/25/201745
Theme80s Alternative RideChristine D'Ercole2/25/201745
ThemeOldies MIxtape RideHannah Marie Corbin2/24/201720
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby2/24/201745*Jay-Z vs. Kanye West
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little2/24/201745
ThemeBroadway Mixtape RideHannah Marie Corbin2/23/201730*Hamilton Mixtape
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 95-00Christine D'Ercole2/23/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman2/23/201745*Led Zeppelin
ThemeOldies RideCody Rigsby2/23/201745
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin2/23/201745
Theme100th RideAlly Love2/22/201745
ThemeHip Hop N' Electro RideHannah Marie Corbin2/22/201745
ThemeArtist vs. Artist RideAlex Toussaint2/21/201745*50 Cent vs. Eminem
ThemeHigher Ground RideHannah Marie Corbin2/21/201730*Stevie Wonder
ThemeLadies Who Rock RideJennifer Jacobs2/21/201745
ThemeRemixed Reloaded RideCody Rigsby2/21/201720*Adele
ThemeTwofer Tuesday RideJenn Sherman2/21/201745
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon2/20/201745
Theme#WWJMD RideHannah Marie Corbin2/19/201745
Theme60s/70s/80s RideHannah Marie Corbin2/19/201745
ThemeEpic Sing Along RideJenn Sherman2/19/201760
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love2/19/201745
Theme#RideofShame RideJess King2/18/201745
ThemeOldies RideCody Rigsby2/18/201745
ThemePeople Are People RideChristine D'Ercole2/18/201745*Depeche Mode
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby2/17/201745*Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Wayne
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 90-95Christine D'Ercole2/16/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman2/16/201745*Donna Summer
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin2/16/201745
ThemeToxic vs. So What RideJenn Sherman2/16/201745*Britney Spears vs. P!nk, Pink
ThemeHip Hop N' Electro RideHannah Marie Corbin2/15/201745
ThemeCountry Love Songs RideMatt Wilpers2/14/201745
ThemeCountry Mixtape RideHannah Marie Corbin2/14/201730
ThemeFirst Wives Club RideJennifer Jacobs2/14/201745
ThemeLadies Who Rock RideJennifer Jacobs2/14/201745
ThemeLove & Hip Hop RideAlex Toussaint2/14/201745
ThemeLove Yo SelfAlly Love2/14/201745
ThemePower Of Love RideChristine D'Ercole2/14/201745
ThemeRaise Your Glass RideJenn Sherman2/14/201730*P!nk Ride, Pink
ThemeV-Day Sucks RideJenn Sherman2/14/201745
ThemeCelebrity Breakup RideCody Rigsby2/13/201745
ThemeCupid Shuffle RideRobin Arzon2/13/201745
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon2/13/201745
ThemeExtra Points RideJenn Sherman2/12/201760
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love2/12/201745
ThemeNominees RideJenn Sherman2/12/201745Grammy Awards
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole2/11/201745
ThemeDisco RideJennifer Jacobs2/10/201745
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little2/10/201745
ThemeRolling in the Deep RideChristine D'Ercole2/10/201730*Adele
ThemeChart Toppers 85-90Christine D'Ercole2/9/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideChristine D'Ercole2/9/201745*Neil Diamond
ThemeHip Hop N' Electro RideHannah Marie Corbin2/8/201745
ThemeIsland RideHannah Marie Corbin2/8/201745
ThemeMusic Awards RideAlex Toussaint2/8/201745Grammy Awards
ThemeArtist vs. Artist RideAlex Toussaint2/7/201745*Notorious B.I.G./Biggie vs. Tupac/2Pac
ThemeBlues RideHannah Marie Corbin2/7/201730
ThemeCountry Music RideJennifer Jacobs2/6/201745
Live DJLive DJ RideCody Rigsby2/5/201745Max Martin Ride
ThemeBig Game RideJenn Sherman2/5/201760
ThemeKickoff RideAlly Love2/5/201745
ThemeCheerleader RideJennifer Jacobs2/4/201745
ThemeHalftime Hits RideRobin Arzon2/4/201745
ThemeClocks RideChristine D'Ercole2/3/201730*Coldplay
ThemeHail Mary RideAlly Love2/3/201745
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby2/3/201745*Lady Gaga
ThemeCaribbean Dance Hall RideAlly Love2/2/201745
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 80-85Christine D'Ercole2/2/201745
ThemeArtist vs. Artist RideAlex Toussaint1/31/201745*Jay-Z vs. Nas
ThemeGirls Night Out RideJennifer Jacobs1/31/201745
ThemeLadies Who Rock RideJennifer Jacobs1/31/201745
Theme1000th RideJess King1/30/201745
ThemeUnder the Bridge RideSteven Little1/30/201745*Red Hot Chili Peppers
Theme60s/70s/80s RideHannah Marie Corbin1/29/201745
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love1/29/201745
ThemeMessage in a Bottle RideHannah Marie Corbin1/29/201745*Sting, The Police
Theme#RideofShame RideJess King1/28/201745
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby1/27/201745*Adele vs. Amy Winehouse
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little1/27/201745
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 05-10Christine D'Ercole1/26/201745
ThemeClub Hits RideAlly Love1/26/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman1/26/201745*U2
ThemeHip Hop N' Electro RideHannah Marie Corbin1/25/201745
ThemeRemixed Reloaded RideCody Rigsby1/25/201720*Britney Spears
ThemeGirls Night Out RideJennifer Jacobs1/24/201745
ThemeLadies Who Rock RideJennifer Jacobs1/24/201745
ThemeRed Lips Don't LieHannah Marie Corbin1/24/201730
ThemeVerses Versus RideAlex Toussaint1/24/201745*Drake vs. Kanye West
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon1/23/201745
ThemeSabotage RideSteven Little1/23/201730*Beastie Boys
ThemeSpanish RideJess King1/23/201720
Theme60s/70s/80s RideHannah Marie Corbin1/22/201745
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love1/22/201745
ThemeLevon & Big Shot RideHannah Marie Corbin1/22/201745*Billy Joel and Elton John
Theme#RideofShame RideJess King1/21/201745
ThemeFeel Good RideHannah Marie Corbin1/21/201745
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby1/20/201745*Michael Jackson vs. Madonna
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little1/20/201745
ThemeTennessee Whiskey RideHannah Marie Corbin1/20/201720*Chris Stapleton
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 75-80Christine D'Ercole1/19/201745
ThemePop Remix RideSteven Little1/19/201745
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin1/19/201745
ThemeEvolution of DanceAlex Toussaint1/18/201720
ThemeHip Hop N' Electro RideHannah Marie Corbin1/18/201745
ThemeGirls Night Out RideJennifer Jacobs1/17/201745
ThemePick-Me-Up RideHannah Marie Corbin1/17/201730
ThemeVerses Versus RideAlex Toussaint1/17/201745*Michael Jackson vs. Usher
ThemeEnter Sandman RideSteven Little1/16/201730*Metallica
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon1/16/201745
ThemeSpanish RideJess King1/16/201720
Theme60s/70s/80s RideHannah Marie Corbin1/15/201745
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love1/15/201745
Theme#RideofShame RideJess King1/14/201745
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby1/13/201745*Sia
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little1/13/201745
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 95-00Christine D'Ercole1/12/201745
ThemeCountry Boy RideMatt Wilpers1/12/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman1/12/201745*Elton John
ThemeSunday Bloody Sunday RideJennifer Jacobs1/12/201745*U2
ThemeVogue RideSteven Little1/12/201745*Madonna
ThemePop Hits RideAlly Love1/11/201745
ThemeGirls Night Out RideJennifer Jacobs1/10/201745
ThemeLadies Who Rock RideJennifer Jacobs1/10/201745
ThemeLocked Out of Heaven RideJenn Sherman1/10/201730*Bruno Mars
ThemeVerses Versus RideAlex Toussaint1/10/201745*Missy Elliott vs. Rihanna
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon1/9/201745
ThemeSpanish RideJess King1/9/201720
ThemeThunderstruck RideSteven Little1/9/201730*AC/DC
Theme60s/70s/80s RideHannah Marie Corbin1/8/201745
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love1/8/201745
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King1/7/201745
ThemeClub Hits RideAlly Love1/7/201745
ThemePop Hits RideAlly Love1/7/201745
ThemeThunder Road RideHannah Marie Corbin1/7/201745*Bruce Springsteen
Theme80s Flashback RideJennifer Jacobs1/6/201745
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little1/6/201745
Theme80s New Wave RideJennifer Jacobs1/5/201745
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 90-95Christine D'Ercole1/5/201745
ThemeI've Got a Woman RideHannah Marie Corbin1/5/201730*Ray Charles
ThemeLadies Who Rock RideJennifer Jacobs1/5/201745
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman1/5/201745*Madonna
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin1/5/201745
ThemeBest of 2016 RideSteven Little 1/4/201745
ThemeBritish Babes RideHannah Marie Corbin1/4/201745
ThemeHip Hop N' Electro RideHannah Marie Corbin1/4/201745
ThemeEvolution of Hip HopAlex Toussaint1/3/201720
ThemeGirls Night Out RideJennifer Jacobs1/3/201745
ThemeLadies of the 60s RideHannah Marie Corbin1/3/201730
ThemePop Block RideAlex Toussaint1/3/201745
ThemeSaddle Up RideMatt Wilpers1/3/201745
ThemeVerses Versus RideAlex Toussaint1/3/201745*R. Kelly vs. Chris Brown
Theme60s/70s/80s RideHannah Marie Corbin1/1/201745
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King12/31/201645
ThemeElectric NYE RideMatt Wilpers12/31/201645
ThemeNew Year's Resolution RideAlex Toussaint12/31/201645
ThemeNYE Mantra RideChristine D'Ercole12/31/201660
ThemeLive DJ Best of 2016 RideRobin Arzon12/30/201645
ThemeMindFULL RideJess King12/30/201645
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 85-90Christine D'Ercole12/29/201645
Theme100th RideMatt Wilpers12/28/201630
ThemeFreedom! 90' RideJennifer Jacobs12/26/201645*George Michael Tribute, Wham!
ThemeResolutions RideAlly Love12/26/201645
ThemeHoliday Divas RideCody Rigsby12/25/201645
ThemeNaughty Santa RideJess King12/25/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King12/24/201645
ThemeChristmas Eve RideRobin Arzon12/24/201645
ThemeClassical Christmas RideChristine D'Ercole12/24/201645
ThemeHistory of House Miami RideCody Rigsby12/23/201620
ThemeHoliday Sing Along RideJennifer Jacobs12/23/201645
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby12/23/201645*Bruno Mars
ThemeRemix & Reloaded RideCody Rigsby12/23/201620*Rihanna
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little 12/23/201645
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 80-85Christine D'Ercole12/22/201645
ThemeCountry Holiday RideJennifer Jacobs12/22/201645
ThemeDancehall Caribbean RideAlly Love12/22/201645
ThemeHoliday Pop RideJess King12/22/201645
ThemeHoliday Rock RideChristine D'Ercole12/21/201645
ThemeGirls Night Out RideJennifer Jacobs12/20/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon12/19/201645
Live DJLive DJ RideCody Rigsby12/18/201645Madonna Ride
Theme60s/70s/80s RideHannah Marie Corbin12/18/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King12/17/201645
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby12/16/201645*Mariah Carey
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little12/16/201645
ThemeHot for Teacher RideJennifer Jacobs12/15/201630*Van Halen
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman12/15/201645*Stevie Wonder
ThemeTeen RideMatt Wilpers12/15/201620
ThemePop Punk RideMatt Wilpers12/14/201645
ThemeCountry Holiday RideHannah Marie Corbin12/13/201630
ThemeGirls Night Out RideJennifer Jacobs12/13/201645
ThemeGritty Rock RideHannah Marie Corbin12/13/201645
ThemeMotown Holiday RideHannah Marie Corbin12/13/201620
ThemePayphone RideJenn Sherman12/13/201645*Maroon 5
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin12/12/201645
ThemeTeen RideCody Rigsby12/12/201620
Theme60s/70s/80s RideHannah Marie Corbin12/11/201645
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love12/11/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King12/10/201645
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole12/10/201645
ThemeEvolution of Hip HopAlex Toussaint12/9/201620
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby12/9/201645*Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little12/9/201645
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 75-80Christine D'Ercole12/8/201645
ThemeMindFULL RideJess King12/8/201645
ThemeMotown Classics RideHannah Marie Corbin12/8/201630
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman12/8/201645*Billy Joel
ThemeTeen RideMatt Wilpers12/8/201620
ThemeMen of Pop RideCody Rigsby12/7/201645
ThemeGirls Night Out RideJennifer Jacobs12/6/201645
ThemeGritty Rock RideHannah Marie Corbin12/6/201645
ThemeHere Comes The Sun RideHannah Marie Corbin12/6/201630*The Beatles
ThemeHistory of House NYC RideCody Rigsby12/6/201620
ThemeRemix & Reloaded RideCody Rigsby12/6/201620*Justin Bieber
Theme80s Pop RideJennifer Jacobs12/5/201645
ThemeMen of Pop RideCody Rigsby12/5/201645
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin12/5/201645
ThemeTeen RideCody Rigsby12/5/201620
ThemeTrap Hop RideJess King12/5/201620
Live DJLive DJ RideCody Rigsby12/4/201645Britney Spears Ride II
ThemeGet Lifted RideAlly Love12/4/201645
Theme60s/70s/80s RideHannah Marie Corbin12/2/201645
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby12/2/201645*Timbaland
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little12/2/201645
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 10-15Christine D'Ercole12/1/201645
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman12/1/201645*The Beatles
ThemeTeen RideAlly Love12/1/201620
ThemeCountry Happy Hour RideHannah Marie Corbin11/29/201630
ThemeGritty Rock RideHannah Marie Corbin11/29/201645
ThemeMen of Pop RideCody Rigsby11/29/201645
ThemePop Remix RideAlex Toussaint11/29/201645
ThemeGimme Shelter RideHannah Marie Corbin11/28/201645*The Rolling Stones
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon11/28/201645
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin11/28/201645
ThemeTeen RideCody Rigsby11/28/201620
ThemeThe Hero's RideJess King11/28/201645
Theme60s/70s/80s RideHannah Marie Corbin11/27/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King11/26/201645
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby11/25/201645*Kelly Clarkson
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little11/25/201645
Theme80s Dance RideJennifer Jacobs11/24/201645
ThemeThankful RideAlly Love11/24/201645
ThemeMindFULL RideJess King11/23/201645
ThemePop Remix RideAlex Toussaint11/22/201645
ThemePop Block RideAlex Toussaint11/21/201645
ThemeTeen RideCody Rigsby11/21/201620
ThemeThe Hero's RideJess King11/21/201645
Theme60s/70s/80s RideHannah Marie Corbin11/20/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King11/19/201645
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole11/19/201645
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby11/18/201645Ladies of Hip Hop
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little11/18/201645
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 05-10Christine D'Ercole11/17/201645
ThemeMusic Legends RideJenn Sherman11/17/201645*Michael Jackson
ThemeGimme Shelter RideHannah Marie Corbin11/15/201630*The Rolling Stones
ThemeGrateFULL RideJess King11/15/201645
ThemeGritty Rock RideHannah Marie Corbin11/15/201645
ThemePop Remix RideAlex Toussaint11/15/201645
ThemeRain Is A Good Thing RideHannah Marie Corbin11/15/201620*Luke Bryan
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin11/14/201645
ThemeTeen RideCody Rigsby11/14/201620
ThemeThe Hero's RideJess King11/14/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King11/12/201645
ThemeEvolution of Hip Hop RideAlex Toussaint11/11/201620
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby11/11/201645*Drake, Rihanna, JaRule, Ashanti (R&B Love)
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 00-05Christine D'Ercole11/10/201645
ThemeFire 2.0 RideHannah Marie Corbin11/10/201630Fire Themed Playlist
ThemeHip Hop N' ElectroHannah Marie Corbin11/10/201645
ThemeTeen RideHannah Marie Corbin11/10/201620
ThemeLadies Who Rock RideJennifer Jacobs11/9/201630
ThemeCurrent Jams RideHannah Marie Corbin11/8/201645
ThemeLatin Five RideJess King11/8/201645
ThemePop Block RideAlex Toussaint11/7/201645
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin11/7/201645
ThemeTeen RideHannah Marie Corbin11/7/201620
ThemeThe Hero's RideJess King11/7/201645
Theme80s Drive-In RideJennifer Jacobs11/4/201645
ThemeMindFULL RideJess King11/4/201645
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little11/4/201645
Theme60s/70s/80s RideHannah Marie Corbin11/3/201645
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 90-95Christine D'Ercole11/3/201645
ThemeTeen RideAlly Love11/3/201620
ThemePop Block RideAlly Love11/2/201645
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin11/2/201645
ThemeFire Emoji RideHannah Marie Corbin11/1/201630Fire Themed Playlist
ThemeGritty Rock RideHannah Marie Corbin11/1/201645
ThemeCreepy Classical RideChristine D'Ercole10/31/201645
ThemeHalloMusical RideHannah Marie Corbin10/31/201645
ThemeMonster Rock RideJennifer Jacobs10/31/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon10/31/201645
ThemeSpanish RideJess King10/31/201620
ThemeTeen RideCody Rigsby10/31/201620
ThemeThe Hero's RideJess King10/31/201645
ThemeEasy Breezy RideAlex Toussaint10/30/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King10/29/201645
ThemeFunk Yo'self RideJess King10/29/201660
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby10/28/201645*Michael Jackson, The Weeknd
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 85-90Christine D'Ercole10/27/201645
ThemeKickstart My Heart RideJennifer Jacobs10/27/201645*Motley Crue
ThemeMen of Pop RideCody Rigsby10/27/201645
ThemeCrescendo RideNicole Meline10/26/201645Nicole's Last Class
ThemeClub Mix RideJennifer Jacobs10/25/201645
ThemeLadies Who Rock RideJennifer Jacobs10/25/201645
ThemePop Block RideAlex Toussaint10/25/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon10/24/201645
ThemePure Country RideJennifer Jacobs10/24/201645
ThemeRoyale With Cheese RideJennifer Jacobs10/24/201630*Pulp Fiction
ThemeThe Hero's RideJess King10/24/201645
ThemeEasy Breezy RideAlex Toussaint10/23/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King10/22/201645
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole10/22/201645
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline10/22/201660
ThemeDance Remix 90-00 RideAlex Toussaint10/21/201645
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little10/21/201645
ThemeWannabe RideCody Rigsby10/21/201645*Spice Girls
ThemeArm Candy RideNicole Meline10/19/201645Upper Body Intervals
ThemeYou're the Best RideHannah Marie Corbin10/19/201645
ThemeClub Mix RideJennifer Jacobs10/18/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon10/17/201645
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin10/17/201645
ThemeSlow Burn RideNicole Meline10/17/201645
ThemeThe Hero's RideJess King10/17/201645
ThemeEasy Breezy RideAlex Toussaint10/16/201645
ThemeInstrumental RideHannah Marie Corbin10/16/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King10/15/201645
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline10/15/201660
Live DJLive DJ RideRobin Arzon10/14/201645Freestyle Ride II
ThemePop Friday RideCody Rigsby10/14/201645*NSYNC
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little10/14/201645
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 80-85Christine D'Ercole10/13/201645
ThemeArm Candy RideNicole Meline10/12/201645Upper Body Intervals
ThemeClub Mix RideJennifer Jacobs10/12/201645
ThemeMen of Pop RideCody Rigsby10/12/201645
ThemeOrchestral Rave RideNicole Meline10/12/201630
ThemeSoft Rock RideHannah Marie Corbin10/12/201630
ThemeRockstar RideNicole Meline10/11/201645
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin10/10/201645
ThemeEasy Breezy RideAlex Toussaint10/9/201645
ThemeOldies RideHannah Marie Corbin10/9/201645
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline10/8/201660
Live DJLive DJ RideCody Rigsby10/7/201645Britney Spears Ride I
ThemeMen of Pop RideCody Rigsby10/7/201645
ThemeMindFULL RideJess King10/7/201645
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little10/7/201645
Theme90s Dance Remix RideAlex Toussaint10/6/201645
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 75-80Christine D'Ercole10/6/201645
ThemeArm Candy RideNicole Meline10/5/201645Upper Body Intervals
ThemeGet Down RideRobin Arzon10/5/201645*The Get Down
ThemePop Remix RideAlex Toussaint10/4/201645
ThemeRockstar RideNicole Meline10/4/201645
ThemeBad Girls Throwdown RideJess King10/3/201645
ThemeMy Mom's Playlist RideHannah Marie Corbin10/3/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon10/3/201645
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin10/3/201645
ThemeWake Up Your Funk RideAlex Toussaint10/2/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King10/1/201645
ThemeHot Country RideHannah Marie Corbin10/1/201645
ThemeMen of Pop RideCody Rigsby10/1/201645
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline10/1/201660
Theme80s Drive-In RideJennifer Jacobs9/30/201645
ThemeBest of September RideSteven Little9/30/201645
ThemeP.Y.T. vs. Sexyback RideCody Rigsby9/30/201645*Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little9/30/201645
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 10-15Christine D'Ercole9/29/201645
ThemeHistory of Rock RideSteven Little9/29/201645
ThemeYacht Rock RideJenn Sherman9/29/201645
ThemeArm Candy RideNicole Meline9/28/201645Upper Body Intervals
ThemeClub Mix RideJennifer Jacobs9/28/201645
ThemeGlitter RideHannah Marie Corbin9/28/201630Sparkle Themed Playlist
ThemeOCRF's Ovarian Cycle RideChristine D'Ercole9/26/2016120
ThemeEasy Breezy RideAlex Toussaint9/25/201645
ThemeProduced By RideHannah Marie Corbin9/25/201645*Produced By Pharrel
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin9/25/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King9/24/201645
ThemeParadise City RideJennifer Jacobs9/24/201645*Guns N' Roses
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline9/24/201660
ThemeDancing On My Own RideCody Rigsby9/23/201645*Robyn
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little9/23/201645
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 05-10Christine D'Ercole9/22/201645
ThemeHistory of Rock RideSteven Little9/22/201645
ThemeArm Candy RideNicole Meline9/21/201645Upper Body Intervals
ThemeClub Mix RideJennifer Jacobs9/21/201645
ThemeShake It Out RideChristine D'Ercole9/21/201645*Florence + the Machine
ThemePop Remix RideAlex Toussaint9/20/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon9/19/201645
ThemeUrban Cowboy RideJennifer Jacobs9/19/201645
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole9/17/201645
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline9/17/201660
Live DJLive DJ RideChristine D'Ercole9/16/201645Adele Ride
Theme90s Dance Remix RideAlex Toussaint9/16/201645
ThemeHey Baby vs. Decode RideCody Rigsby9/16/201645*No Doubt, Paramore
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little9/16/201645
ThemeCurrent Jams RideHannah Marie Corbin9/15/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon9/15/201645
ThemePop Royalty RideNicole Meline9/15/201645
ThemeArm Candy RideNicole Meline9/14/201645Upper Body Intervals
ThemeClub Mix RideJennifer Jacobs9/14/201645
ThemeMindFULL RideJess King9/14/201645
ThemePick-Me-Up RideHannah Marie Corbin9/14/201645
ThemePop Remix RideAlex Toussaint9/13/201645
ThemeRockstar RideNicole Meline9/13/201645
ThemeArm Candy RideNicole Meline9/12/201645Upper Body Intervals
ThemeBad Girls Throwdown RideJess King9/12/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon9/12/201645
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin9/12/201645
ThemeTrap Hop RideJess King9/12/201620
ThemeEasy Breezy RideAlex Toussaint9/11/201645
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline9/10/201660
ThemeFrench RideJennifer Jacobs9/9/201620
ThemeHype vs. The Hills RideCody Rigsby9/9/201645*Drake vs. The Weeknd
ThemeLivin' on a Prayer RideSteven Little9/9/201645*Bon Jovi
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little9/9/201645
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 95-00Christine D'Ercole9/8/201645
ThemeChicken Fried RideHannah Marie Corbin9/8/201620*Zac Brown Band
ThemeHistory of Rock RideSteven Little9/8/201645
ThemeYacht Rock RideJenn Sherman9/8/201645
ThemeClub Mix RideJennifer Jacobs9/7/201645
ThemeGarage Girls RideHannah Marie Corbin9/7/201630Girl Bands
ThemeHappy Hour RideNicole Meline9/7/201645
ThemePop Remix RideAlex Toussaint9/6/201645
ThemeRockstar RideNicole Meline9/6/201645
ThemeTrap Music RideJess King9/6/201645
ThemeEnd of Summer RideSteven Little9/5/201645
ThemeRockountry RideHannah Marie Corbin9/5/201645
ThemeWake Up Your Funk RideAlex Toussaint9/4/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King9/3/201645
ThemeCrash vs. Cave RideChristine D'Ercole9/3/201645*DMB vs. Mumford and Sons, Dave Matthews
ThemeOne vs. Jeremy RideChristine D'Ercole9/3/201645*U2 vs. Pearl Jam
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline9/3/201660
ThemeHero vs. Starships RideCody Rigsby9/2/201645*Mariah Carey vs. Nicki Minaj
ThemeHistory of House RideCody Rigsby9/2/201620
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little9/2/201645
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 80-85Christine D'Ercole9/1/201645
ThemeYacht Rock RideJenn Sherman9/1/201645
ThemeSouthern Rock RideHannah Marie Corbin8/31/201630
ThemeBack To School RideJess King8/30/201645
ThemePower Ballads RideJess King8/29/201645
ThemeRockstar RideNicole Meline8/29/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King8/27/201645
ThemeWake Up Your Funk RideAlex Toussaint8/27/201645
Live DJLive DJ RideCody Rigsby8/26/201645Britney Spears ‘Glory’ Ride
ThemeJust Dance vs. Vogue RideCody Rigsby8/26/201645*Lady Gaga vs. Madonna
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 95-00Christine D'Ercole8/25/201645
ThemePop Rhythm RideChristine D'Ercole8/25/201645
ThemeYacht Rock RideJenn Sherman8/25/201645
Theme80s Pop RideSteven Little8/24/201645
ThemeBurn Baby Burn RideRobin Arzon8/24/201645Burning Man Inspired
ThemeOrchestral Rave RideNicole Meline8/23/201645
ThemePop Remix RideAlex Toussaint8/23/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon8/22/201645
ThemeRockstar RideNicole Meline8/22/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King8/20/201645
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole8/20/201645
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline8/20/201660
Live DJLive DJ RideRobin Arzon8/19/20164580’s Ride II
ThemeMindFULL RideJess King8/19/201645
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little8/19/201645
ThemeThe Finish Line RideChristine D'Ercole8/19/201645Olympics inspired
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 90-95Christine D'Ercole8/18/201645
ThemeFrench RideJennifer Jacobs8/18/201620
ThemeLanguage of Sweat RideHannah Marie Corbin8/18/201645Olympics inspired
ThemeDiva Ride Hannah Marie Corbin8/17/201630
ThemeGimmie Shelter RideSteven Little8/17/201645*The Rolling Stones
ThemeSummer of '69 RideNicole Meline8/16/201645*Bryan Adams
ThemeVictory RideNicole Meline8/16/201645Olympics inspired
ThemeGirl Riot RideJess King8/15/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon8/15/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King8/13/201645
ThemeThowback Summer RideNicole Meline8/13/201645
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline8/13/201660
ThemeDance With Somebody RideHannah Marie Corbin8/12/201620*Whitney Houston
ThemeMindFULL RideJess King8/12/201645
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little8/12/201645
ThemeTurn Back Time RideHannah Marie Corbin8/12/201620*Cher
ThemeChart Toppers Ride 85-90Christine D'Ercole8/11/201645
ThemeWave the Banner RideJenn Sherman8/11/201645Olympics inspired
ThemeAlternative 80s RideChristine D'Ercole8/10/201645
ThemeEurodance RideJennifer Jacobs8/10/20164590's Dance Pop
ThemeShredding Guitars RideHannah Marie Corbin8/10/201645*Jimi Hendrix, Guitar Lovers Ride
ThemeSpanish RideJess King8/10/201620
ThemeSpanish RideJess King8/10/201620
ThemeClassic Sports Ride IIRobin Arzon8/9/201645Olympics inspired
ThemeDreamer vs. Athlete RideJess King8/9/201645Olympics inspired
ThemePersonal Record RideRobin Arzon8/9/201645
ThemeRockstar RideNicole Meline8/9/201645
ThemePop Off Dance OffRobin Arzon8/8/201645
ThemeSurf's Up RideJennifer Jacobs8/8/201645Surf inspired music
ThemeU.S. of A. RideHannah Marie Corbin8/7/201645Olympics inspired
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline8/7/201660
ThemeClassic Sports Ride IRobin Arzon8/6/201645Olympics inspired
Live DJLive DJ RideJess King8/5/201645Sia Ride
ThemeAround the World RideCody Rigsby8/5/201630
ThemeFallin' RideCody Rigsby8/5/201645*Alicia Keys
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little8/5/201645
ThemeSummer Roadtrip RideNicole Meline8/3/201645
ThemeBroardway RideJess King8/2/201645
ThemeFunk RideAlex Toussaint8/2/201620
ThemeHappy Hour RideNicole Meline8/1/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon8/1/201645
ThemeRider Request RideHannah Marie Corbin8/1/201645
ThemeRockstar RideNicole Meline8/1/201620
ThemeStrings RideHannah Marie Corbin8/1/201645Songs featuring string intrumentals
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King7/30/201645
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole7/30/201645
Theme80s Drive-In RideJennifer Jacobs7/29/201645
ThemeLove Me Like You Do RideCody Rigsby7/29/201645*Ellie Goulding
ThemeRock Rhythm RideCody Rigsby7/29/201645
Theme#WestCoastCrew RideHannah Marie Corbin7/28/201645
ThemePercussion RideChristine D'Ercole7/28/201645
ThemeSongs of Summer RideJenn Sherman7/28/201645
ThemeCountry Breakup RideHannah Marie Corbin7/27/201630
ThemeRobin After Dark RideRobin Arzon7/27/201645Robin Q&A
ThemeFrench RideJennifer Jacobs7/26/201620
ThemeGet Leid RideJess King7/26/201645Tropical Beach Theme
ThemeBad Girls Throwdown RideJess King7/25/201645
ThemeLose Yourself RideJennifer Jacobs7/25/201645*Eminem
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon7/25/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King7/23/201645
ThemeWake Up Your Funk RideAlex Toussaint7/23/201645
ThemeHistory of HouseCody Rigsby7/22/201620
ThemeOn the Floor RideCody Rigsby7/22/201645*Jennifer Lopez, JLo
ThemeRock Rhythm RideCody Rigsby7/22/201645
Theme#WestCoastCrew RideHannah Marie Corbin7/21/201645
ThemeFrench RideJennifer Jacobs7/21/201620
ThemeMindFULL RideJess King7/21/201645
ThemeMotorcycle RideHannah Marie Corbin7/20/201645*Sons of Anarchy
ThemeLadies Who Rock RideJennifer Jacobs7/18/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon7/18/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King7/16/201645
ThemeEasy Breezy RideAlex Toussaint7/16/201645
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline7/16/201660#WelcomeBackNM
ThemeBoom Boom Pow RideCody Rigsby7/15/201645*Black Eyed Peas
ThemeOldies RideHannah Marie Corbin7/15/201620
ThemeRock Rhythm RideCody Rigsby7/15/201645
Theme#WestCoastCrewHannah Marie Corbin7/14/201645
ThemeBest of the 80s RideJenn Sherman7/14/201645
ThemeFrench RideJennifer Jacobs7/14/201620
ThemeHeartland RideJennifer Jacobs7/14/201620*The Judds, Wynonna Judd
ThemeShe Will Be Loved RideSteven Little7/13/201645*Maroon 5
ThemePop Hits RideSteven Little7/12/201645
ThemePop Remix RideAlex Toussaint7/12/201645
ThemeHamptons Hangover RideJess King7/11/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon7/11/201645
ThemeSpanish RideJess King7/11/201620
Theme10 Second Car RideHannah Marie Corbin7/10/201645*Fast and the Furious Movies
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King7/9/201645
Theme90s Alternative RideSteven Little7/8/201645
ThemeLove Lockdown RideCody Rigsby7/8/201645*Kanye West
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little7/8/201645
Theme#WestCoastCrew RideHannah Marie Corbin7/7/201645
ThemeLive Classic Rock RideJenn Sherman7/7/201645
ThemePercussion RideChristine D'Ercole7/7/201645
Theme80s Rock Hits RideSteven Little7/6/201645
ThemeAmerican Pie RideJennifer Jacobs7/4/201645Fourth of July Ride
ThemeMerica RideHannah Marie Corbin7/4/201645Fourth of July Ride
ThemeEasy Breezy RideAlex Toussaint7/3/201645
ThemeIndependence RideSteven Little7/3/201645Fourth of July Ride
ThemeMerica RideHannah Marie Corbin7/3/201645Fourth of July Ride
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King7/2/201645
ThemeGlory Days RideChristine D'Ercole7/2/201645*Bruce Springsteen
ThemeMindFULL RideJess King7/1/201645
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little7/1/201645
ThemePercussion RideChristine D'Ercole6/30/201645
ThemeQueens of Rock RideSteven Little6/30/201645
ThemeSelect Beats RideHannah Marie Corbin6/30/201645Best of Hannah Theme Rides
ThemeBest of June RideSteven Little6/29/201645
ThemeRoyalty RideHannah Marie Corbin6/29/201630Songs featuring "Royal" lyrics
ThemeFrench RideJennifer Jacobs6/28/201620
ThemePop Remix RideAlex Toussaint6/28/201645
Theme#WestCoastCrew RideHannah Marie Corbin6/27/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon6/27/201645
Live DJLive DJ RideJennifer Jacobs6/26/201645School's Out Ride
ThemeEasy Breezy RideAlex Toussaint6/26/201645
ThemeIt's 5PM Somewhere RideJennifer Jacobs6/26/201645*Jimmy Buffett
ThemeHistory of House RideCody Rigsby6/24/201620
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little6/24/201645
ThemeB'way Rock & Hip Hop RideHannah Marie Corbin6/22/201630
ThemeFrench RideJennifer Jacobs6/22/201620
Theme#WestCoastCrew RideHannah Marie Corbin6/20/201645
ThemeAcapella RideHannah Marie Corbin6/20/201620*Pentatonix
ThemeCarolina Country RideHannah Marie Corbin6/20/201620*Eric Church
ThemeJourney to 100 RideJennifer Jacobs6/20/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon6/20/201645
ThemeEasy Breezy RideAlex Toussaint6/19/201645
ThemeTie Dye RideJennifer Jacobs6/19/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King6/18/201645
ThemeClose To Me RideChristine D'Ercole6/18/201645*The Cure
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole6/18/201645
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little6/17/201660
ThemeShe Will Be Loved RideCody Rigsby6/17/201645*Maroon 5
Theme80s One Hit Wonders RideSteven Little6/16/201645
ThemeDenim & Diamonds RideJennifer Jacobs6/16/201615
ThemeEast vs. West RideAlex Toussaint6/16/201630
ThemeFrench RideJennifer Jacobs6/16/201620
ThemeOne Hit Wonders RideJenn Sherman6/16/201645
ThemeSolidarity RideChristine D'Ercole6/16/201645Orlando Tribute
ThemeSaxophone RideHannah Marie Corbin6/15/201630
ThemeSummer Soul RideRobin Arzon6/15/201645
ThemePop Remix RideAlex Toussaint6/14/201645
ThemePower Ballads RideJess King6/14/201645
Theme#WestCoastCrew RideHannah Marie Corbin6/13/201645
ThemeLittle Lion Man RideChristine D'Ercole6/13/201645*Mumford and Sons
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon6/13/201645
ThemeBoxing's Greatest RideJennifer Jacobs6/12/201645Tribute to Muhammad Ali
ThemeDog Days RideChristine D'Ercole6/11/201645*Florence + the Machine
ThemeImmaculate RideHannah Marie Corbin6/10/201620*Madonna
ThemeManeater RideHannah Marie Corbin6/10/201620*Hall and Oates
ThemeMindFULL RideJess King6/10/201645
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little6/10/201645
ThemeUrban Cowboy RideJennifer Jacobs6/10/201630
ThemeCountry Hits RideJenn Sherman6/9/201645
ThemePercussion RideChristine D'Ercole6/9/201645
ThemeRock Rhythm RideCody Rigsby6/9/201645
ThemeStrings RideHannah Marie Corbin6/8/201630Songs featuring string intrumentals
Theme#WestCoastCrew RideHannah Marie Corbin6/6/201645
ThemePop Dance Off RideRobin Arzon6/6/201645
ThemeSpanish RideJess King6/6/201620
ThemeEasy Breezy RideAlex Toussaint6/5/201645
Live DJLive DJ RideAlex Toussaint6/4/201645The Jacksons Ride
ThemeAnts Marching RideChristine D'Ercole6/4/201645*Dave Matthews Band Ride, DMB
Live DJLive DJ RideRobin Arzon6/3/201645Freestyle Ride I
Theme80s Drive-In RideJennifer Jacobs6/3/201645
ThemeRocknation Ride (No Arms)Steven Little6/3/201645
ThemeLivin' on A Dream On RideJenn Sherman6/2/201645*Aerosmith, Bon Jovi
ThemePercussion RideChristine D'Ercole6/2/201645
ThemeCalifornia Dreamin' RideJennifer Jacobs6/1/201645California inspired playlist
ThemeSpanish RideJess King6/1/201620
ThemePop Remix RideAlex Toussaint5/31/201645
ThemeSinglular Sensations RideJess King5/30/201645Top singles
ThemeEasy Breezy RideAlex Toussaint5/29/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King5/28/201645
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline5/28/201660
Theme80s Mixtape RideNicole Meline5/27/201645
ThemeBest of May RideSteven Little5/26/201645
ThemePercussion RideChristine D'Ercole5/26/201645
ThemeSongs of Summer RideJenn Sherman5/26/201645
ThemeNamaslay RideNicole Meline5/25/201645
ThemeCry If I Want To RideJess King5/24/201645
ThemeBrooklyn Beats RideNicole Meline5/23/201645*Beastie Boys and Friends
ThemeFrench RideJennifer Jacobs5/23/201620
ThemeUrban Cowboy RideJennifer Jacobs5/23/201620
ThemeBest of the 80s RideJennifer Jacobs5/22/201645
ThemeHRI Sunday Funday RideJess King5/22/201645
ThemeHRI #RideOfShame RideJess King5/21/201645
ThemeHRI A Family Affair RideJess King5/21/201645
ThemeHRI Mantra RideChristine D'Ercole5/21/201645
ThemeLa Folie RideJennifer Jacobs5/21/201645French music
ThemeDivas Remixed RudeNicole Meline5/20/201630
ThemeRocknation RideSteven Little5/20/201645
ThemeBest Sing Alongs RideJenn Sherman5/19/201645
ThemePercussion RideChristine D'Ercole5/19/201645
ThemeWalk With Me RideHannah Marie Corbin5/19/201645Songs with a "walk" theme
ThemeSpanish RideJess King5/18/201620
ThemeTitanium RideJennifer Jacobs5/18/201645*David Guetta
ThemeTurnt Over RideRobin Arzon5/18/201645
ThemeDance Remix RideAlex Toussaint5/17/201630
ThemePop Remix RideAlex Toussaint5/17/201645
ThemeRoad to Ironman RideNicole Meline5/17/201675
ThemeStrawberry Fields RideJess King5/17/201645*The Beatles
Theme#WestCoastCrew RideHannah Marie Corbin5/16/201645
Theme150th Milestone RideJess King5/16/201645
ThemeTrombone RideHannah Marie Corbin5/16/201630*Trombone Shorty
ThemeMaverick RideJennifer Jacobs5/15/201645*Top Gun
ThemeWerk RideHannah Marie Corbin5/15/201645Songs with a "work" theme
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King5/14/201645
ThemeChasing Cars RideChristine D'Ercole5/14/201645*Snow Patrol
ThemeDiva Series RideNicole Meline5/13/201645
ThemeEdge of Seventeen RideJennifer Jacobs5/13/201630*Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac
ThemeLove Me Harder RideCody Rigsby5/13/201645*Ariana Grande
ThemeBest Cover Songs RideJenn Sherman5/12/201645
ThemeHistory of House RideCody Rigsby5/12/201620
ThemePercussion RideChristine D'Ercole5/12/201645
ThemeHipster House PartyNicole Meline5/11/201645
ThemeLadies of Hip HopRobin Arzon5/11/201645
ThemeSpanish RideJess King5/11/201620
Theme90s Mixtape RideNicole Meline5/10/201645
Theme#WestCoastCrew RideHannah Marie Corbin5/9/201645
ThemeTrowback Party RideNicole Meline5/9/201645
ThemeWest of Center RideJess King5/9/201645*Kanye West
Theme#PelotonandChill RideNicole Meline5/8/201645
ThemeEurotrip RideCody Rigsby5/8/201645
ThemeFete de Mere RideJennifer Jacobs5/8/201645Mother's Day Special
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King5/7/201645
ThemeGood Life RideChristine D'Ercole5/7/201645*OneRepublic
ThemeTurn Up RideAlex Toussaint5/7/201645
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline5/7/201660
Theme80s Drive-In RideJennifer Jacobs5/6/201645
ThemeDiva Anthems RideRobin Arzon5/6/201645
ThemeReinvention RideNicole Meline5/6/201645
ThemeWhat Do You Mean? RideCody Rigsby5/6/201645*Justin Bieber
Theme#IsItSummerYet RideHannah Marie Corbin5/5/201645
ThemeBoomer Ride: OriginalsChristine D'Ercole5/5/201620
ThemeLatin Quarter RideJennifer Jacobs5/5/201645*Gypsy Kings
ThemePercussion RideChristine D'Ercole5/5/201645
ThemeLatin, Soca, Samba RideRobin Arzon5/4/201645
ThemeSpanish RideJess King5/4/201630
Theme80s Mixtape RideNicole Meline5/3/201645
ThemePop Remix RideAlex Toussaint5/3/201645
Theme#StartedFromDaBottom RideAlex Toussaint5/2/201645*Drake
Theme#WestCoastCrew RideHannah Marie Corbin5/2/201645
ThemeSummer Country RideHannah Marie Corbin5/2/201630
ThemeR&B Remixed RideNicole Meline5/1/201645
ThemeThe Booty RideHannah Marie Corbin5/1/201645
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King4/30/201645
ThemeCloser to Fine RideChristine D'Ercole4/30/201645*Indigo Girls
ThemeRoad to Ironman RideNicole Meline4/30/201660
ThemeSaturday Turn Up RideAlex Toussaint4/30/201645
ThemeBest of AprilSteven Little4/29/201645
ThemeDance Off RideRobin Arzon4/29/201645
ThemeMindFULL RideJess King4/29/201645
ThemeRock Remixed RideNicole Meline4/29/201630
ThemePercussion RideChristine D'Ercole4/28/201645
ThemeSend-off RideKim Fischer4/28/201645
ThemeCheap Thrills RideRobin Arzon4/27/201645*Sia
ThemeMean Girls RideJennifer Jacobs4/27/201645
ThemeSpanish RideJess King4/27/201620
Theme#BetterLate RideNicole Meline4/26/201645
Theme60s RideHannah Marie Corbin4/26/201630
ThemeHouse Music RideJennifer Jacobs4/26/201645
ThemeLatin RideJess King4/26/201645
Theme#WestCoastCrew RideHannah Marie Corbin4/25/201645
Theme75th Milestone RideJess King4/25/201645
ThemeBad Boys RideJess King4/25/201645
ThemeThrowback Jams RideSteven Little4/25/201645
ThemeBoomer RideJenn Sherman4/24/201620
ThemeBoomer Ride: SatisfactionJenn Sherman4/24/201630
Theme#RideOfShame RideJess King4/23/201645
Theme90s Grunge RideChristine D'Ercole4/23/201645
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline4/23/201645
ThemePop Ballads RideSteven Little4/22/201645
ThemeWe Found Love RideCody Rigsby4/22/201645*Rihanna
ThemeRock & Hip Hop RideHannah Marie Corbin4/21/201645
ThemeBig Band RideHannah Marie Corbin4/20/201630
ThemeGirls Night RideSteven Little4/20/201645
ThemeRevenge RideNicole Meline4/20/201645
ThemeThe 305 RideJennifer Jacobs4/20/201645*Pitbull, No Arms
ThemeSo Fresh, So Clean RideKim Fischer4/19/201645*Outkast
Theme#WestCoastCrew RideHannah Marie Corbin4/18/201645
Theme80s Dance RideJennifer Jacobs4/18/201645
ThemeMusic Festival RideJess King4/18/201645Coachella, No Arms
ThemeRoad to Ironman RideNicole Meline4/18/201645
Theme#rideofshame RideJess King4/16/201645
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole4/16/201645
ThemeWarrior Hour RideNicole Meline4/16/201660
Live DJLive DJ RideRobin Arzon4/15/20164580’s Ride I
ThemeDiva Series RideNicole Meline4/15/201645
ThemeHistory of House RideCody Rigsby4/15/201620
ThemeSexyLove vs. Forever RideCody Rigsby4/15/201645*Neo vs. Chris Brown
ThemeBest of the 90s RideJenn Sherman4/14/201645
ThemeBoomer Ride: OriginalsChristine D'Ercole4/14/201620
ThemeBulls On Parade RideKim Fischer4/14/201645*Rage Against The Machine, Alice in Chains
ThemePercussion RideChristine D'Ercole4/14/201645
ThemeRock & Hip Hop RideHannah Marie Corbin4/14/201645
ThemeBox N Burn RideJennifer Jacobs4/13/201645Boxing Inspired
ThemeJungle Rave RideNicole Meline4/13/201645
ThemeSpanish RideJess King4/13/201620
ThemeWingman RideJess King4/12/201645
Theme#WestCoastCrew RideHannah Marie Corbin4/11/201645
ThemeIndie & Alternative RideSteven Little4/11/201645Endurance
Theme#rideofshame RideJess King4/9/201645
Theme80s Alt Pop RideChristine D'Ercole4/9/201645
ThemeIdol RideCody Rigsby4/8/201645American Idol, Kelly Clarkson
Theme80s Rollerskate RideSteven Little4/7/201645
ThemeHip Hop Classics RideJenn Sherman4/7/201645
ThemeLegends of Rock RideKim Fischer4/7/201645
ThemePercussion RideChristine D'Ercole4/7/201645
ThemeRock & Hip Hop RideHannah Marie Corbin4/7/201645
ThemeBlue Suede Shoes RideHannah Marie Corbin4/6/201630*Elvis Presley
ThemeHip Hop ATL vs. NYC RideRobin Arzon4/6/201645
ThemeRocknation Ride (No Arms)Steven Little4/6/201645
ThemeCirque Ride (No Arms)Jess King4/5/201645Cirque du Soleil
Theme#WestCoastCrew RideHannah Marie Corbin4/4/201645West Coast Facebook group
ThemeOutlaw Country RideHannah Marie Corbin4/4/201620*Johnny Cash
ThemeMiami Vices RideJennifer Jacobs4/3/201645Miami Inspired
Theme#rideofshame Ride (No Arms)Jess King4/2/201645
ThemeClassical Ride (No Arms)Christine D'Ercole4/2/201645
Theme80s Modern Mix RideJennifer Jacobs4/1/20164550th Ride
ThemeHistory of House RideCody Rigsby4/1/201620
ThemeHotline Pink RideCody Rigsby4/1/201645*Drake vs. Nicki Minaj
Theme#OnlyTheGoodDieYoung RideJenn Sherman3/31/201645*Billy Joel
ThemeBoomer RideChristine D'Ercole3/31/201630*Peter Gabriel & Phil Collins
ThemePercussion Ride (No Arms)Christine D'Ercole3/31/201645
ThemeBest of March RideSteven Little3/30/201645
ThemeLatin RideJess King3/30/201620
ThemeSpring Break Anthems RideRobin Arzon3/30/201645
ThemeDown The Rabbit Hole RideJess King3/29/201645
ThemeBoomer RideNicole Meline3/27/201630
ThemeBoomer RideJenn Sherman3/27/201630
ThemeHippity Hip Hop RideJennifer Jacobs3/27/201645
ThemeMarch Maddness RideAlex Toussaint3/27/201645
ThemeMarch Maddness Ride (No Arms)Jenn Sherman3/27/201645
ThemePinball Wizard RideJenn Sherman3/27/201630*The Who
ThemeThe Hangover RideJennifer Jacobs3/26/201645
Live DJLive DJ RideChristine D'Ercole3/25/201645Disco
ThemeRoad to Ironman RideNicole Meline3/25/201630
ThemeSorry vs. SexyBack RideCody Rigsby3/25/201645*Justin Bieber vs. Justin Timberlake
ThemeBoomer RideChristine D'Ercole3/24/201620
ThemePercussion Ride (No Arms)Christine D'Ercole3/24/201645
ThemeSalsa RideKim Fischer3/24/201645
ThemeSpanish RideJess King3/23/201630
ThemeSeasons Of Love RideRobin Arzon3/22/201645*Rent
Theme50th Milestone RideJess King3/21/201645
ThemeMantra Ride (No Arms)Christine D'Ercole3/19/201645
ThemeHip Hop's Best Ride (No Arms)Steven Little3/18/201645
ThemePrincess vs. Queen of Pop RideCody Rigsby3/18/201645*Madonna vs. Britney Spears
ThemeBoomer RideChristine D'Ercole3/17/201620*Depeche Mode
ThemePercussion Ride (No Arms)Christine D'Ercole3/17/201645
ThemeUltimate Electro WMC RideCody Rigsby3/17/201645Winter Music Conference
ThemeSpanish RideJess King3/16/201620
ThemeFamily Affair RideJess King3/15/201645Various family musical groups
ThemeTeen RideCody Rigsby3/15/201645
ThemeIbiza Pool PartyNicole Meline3/14/201645
ThemeLove 'n' BasketballHannah Marie Corbin3/13/201645*Love & Basketball Ride
ThemeGirl Group RideCody Rigsby3/11/201645
ThemeHistory of House RideCody Rigsby3/11/201620
ThemeMetal RideSteven Little3/11/201645Endurance
ThemeSweet Child & Bad BoyHannah Marie Corbin3/10/201645*Guns and Roses vs. Diddy (Puff Daddy)
ThemeSpanish RideJess King3/9/201630
ThemeDJ Mashup SeriesNicole Meline3/8/201645*Avicii vs. Calvin Harris
ThemeFamily Affair RideJess King3/8/201645*Michael, Janet and Jackson 5
ThemePussycat LoungeJess King3/7/201645*Pussycat Dolls
ThemeSXSW RideNicole Meline3/7/201630
ThemeBoomer RideJenn Sherman3/6/201630
ThemeBoomer Ride: Dancing BearsJenn Sherman3/6/201630*Grateful Dead
ThemeIdol RideHannah Marie Corbin3/6/201645American Idol
Theme#rideofshame RideJess King3/5/201645
ThemeBoy Bands RideCody Rigsby3/4/201645
ThemeDiva SeriesNicole Meline3/4/201645
ThemeSXSW RideJess King3/4/201630
Theme70s Revolution RideKim Fischer3/3/201645
ThemeDivas Part 2Jenn Sherman3/3/201645
ThemeHip Hop RideSteven Little3/2/201645*Drake and Friends
ThemeOld School Hip Hop RideNicole Meline3/2/201645
ThemeSXSW RideCody Rigsby3/2/201630
ThemeSXSW RideSteven Little3/1/201630
ThemeSXSW RideChristine D'Ercole2/29/201630
ThemeThrift Shop Hip Hop RideNicole Meline2/29/201645*Macklemore Ride
ThemeDisco Funk RideKim Fischer2/28/201645
ThemeIf You Leave Ride (No Arms)Christine D'Ercole2/28/201645*Pretty in Pink
ThemeChandelier Ride Pt. 2Christine D'Ercole2/26/201645*Sia: This Is Acting
ThemeDiva Series Pt. 1 RideNicole Meline2/26/201645*Madonna vs. Lady Gaga
ThemeEDM Battle Ride Pt. 2Cody Rigsby2/26/201645*David Guetta vs Calvin Harris
ThemeRap Metal Ride Pt. 2Steven Little2/26/201645*Rage Against the Machine and Friends
ThemeThunder Road RideJenn Sherman2/25/201645*Bruce Springsteen Ride Part 2
ThemeDrop It Like It's MotownNicole Meline2/24/201645
ThemeReggaeton and Spanish RideRobin Arzon2/23/201645
ThemeArena Rock RideHannah Marie Corbin2/21/201645*Boston vs. Journey Ride
ThemeMetal GodsKim Fischer2/21/201645*Metallica and Friends
ThemeTV Show RideJenn Sherman2/21/201645
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole2/20/201645
ThemeBest Cover SongsNicole Meline2/19/201645
ThemeHip Hop Rivalries RideCody Rigsby2/19/201645*Rihanna vs. Drake
ThemeJersey Boy RideHannah Marie Corbin2/19/201620*Frankie Valli Ride
ThemeMetal Symphony RideHannah Marie Corbin2/19/201620*Metallica Symphony Ride
ThemeRap Metal RideSteven Little2/19/201630*Linkin Park Ride
ThemeThrift Shop Hip Hop RideChristine D'Ercole2/19/201645*Macklemore Ride
ThemeNumb/Encore Reunion RideHannah Marie Corbin2/18/201645*Jay-Z vs. Linkin Park
ThemeBest of the Music Awards RideSteven Little2/17/201645*Best of the Grammys Ride
ThemeOld School Hip Hop RideNicole Meline2/17/201645
Theme90s Alt. Rock RideChristine D'Ercole2/15/201645*Pearl Jam Ride
ThemeSweet Tunes RideHannah Marie Corbin2/14/201645
ThemePop Star Exes Ride Pt. 1Cody Rigsby2/12/201645*Justin vs. Britney
ThemeSomebody to Love RideSteven Little2/12/201630*Queen Ride
Theme21st Century Heartthrob RideJenn Sherman2/11/201645*Bieber Fever Ride
ThemeGet Up and Go: Rock RideJess King2/11/201630
ThemeMusic Awards Nominations RideHannah Marie Corbin2/11/201645Grammy Awards Nominations
ThemeGet Up and Go RideJess King2/10/201630
ThemeSpanish RideJess King2/10/201630
ThemeBest of Broadway '16 RideRobin Arzon2/9/201630*Hamilton Ride
ThemeDJ Mashups RideNicole Meline2/8/201645
ThemeMy Brother's Keeper RideRobin Arzon2/8/201645*New Jack City Ride
ThemePower AnthemsRobin Arzon2/8/201645
ThemeSouthern Rock RideHannah Marie Corbin2/8/201630
ThemeHip Hop's Best RideSteven Little2/5/201645
ThemePlease Stand Up RideSteven Little2/5/201630*Eminem Ride
ThemeSympathy for the Cycle RideHannah Marie Corbin2/5/201620*Rolling Stones Ride
ThemeWayward Son RideHannah Marie Corbin2/5/201620*Kansas Ride
ThemeBritish Babes RideHannah Marie Corbin2/4/201645
ThemeDancing on My Own RideNicole Meline2/4/201620*Robyn Ride
ThemeMillenium Jams RideKim Fischer2/4/201645
ThemeMotown's Greatest RideJenn Sherman2/4/201645
ThemePercussion RideChristine D'Ercole2/4/201645
ThemeRoad to Ironman RideNicole Meline2/4/201620
ThemeEDM Battle Ride Pt. 1Steven Little2/3/201645*Avicii vs. David Guetta
ThemeRetro RideSteven Little2/3/201645
ThemeU Can't Touch This RideJess King2/3/201645
ThemeNew Mix Battle RideHannah Marie Corbin2/2/201645*Rudimental vs. Chainsmokers
ThemeDeath Row vs. Junior MafiaRobin Arzon2/1/201645*Death Row vs. Junior Mafia
ThemeHouse Classics RideRobin Arzon2/1/201645
ThemeNew Queen of Pop RideSteven Little2/1/201645*Katy Perry
ThemeQueens of Neo-Soul (No Arms)Christine D'Ercole1/30/201645
Theme80s Emo Masters RideSteven Little1/29/201630*Depeche Mode Ride
ThemeChase Me Like You DoNicole Meline1/29/201645*Snow Patrol vs. Ellie Goulding
ThemePop Divas RideCody Rigsby1/29/201645*Whitney vs Adele Ride
ThemeWatch You Bleed RideSteven Little1/29/201645*Guns N' Roses Ride
Theme80s Pop Rivalries RideJenn Sherman1/28/201645*Genesis vs. Phil Collins Ride
ThemeModern DJ Duel Ride Pt. 1Nicole Meline1/28/201645*Diplo vs. Chainsmokers Ride
ThemeMajor Key RideJess King1/27/201645*DJ Khaled and Crew Ride
Theme80s Dance Pop RideCody Rigsby1/26/201620*George Michael Ride
Theme90s Guilty Peasures RideCody Rigsby1/26/201620*Spice Girls Ride
ThemeChandelier RideChristine D'Ercole1/23/201645*Sia Ride
ThemeHairbands RideSteven Little1/22/201630
ThemeBrooklyn Hip Hop RideSteven Little1/21/201630*Jay-Z Ride
ThemeOne Hit Wonders Pt. 2Jenn Sherman1/21/201645
ThemePop Family RideNicole Meline1/21/201645*Michael vs. Janet Ride
ThemeRocknation Ride (No Arms)Steven Little1/21/201645
ThemeQueen of Pop RideRobin Arzon1/19/201645*Madonna Ride
ThemeThe Bird RideKim Fischer1/19/201645*Charlie Parker and Friends Ride
Theme90s Hip Hop RideRobin Arzon1/18/201645*Fugees and Co. Ride
ThemeComfortably Numb RideChristine D'Ercole1/16/201645*Pink Floyd Ride (No Arms)
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole1/16/201645
Theme90s Grunge Ride (No Arms)Steven Little1/15/201645
ThemeSeattle Sound RideSteven Little1/15/201630*Pearl Jam Ride
ThemeWork It vs Rock the BoatCody Rigsby1/15/201645*Missy Elliott vs. Aaliyah
ThemeGlam Rock Legend RideChristine D'Ercole1/14/201645*David Bowie Ride
ThemeOld School Hip HopNicole Meline1/14/201645
Theme90s R&B RideJess King1/13/201645
ThemeWe Will Follow RideSteven Little1/13/201645*U2 Ride
ThemeTeen RideJess King1/12/201630
ThemeHey Ya Ride (No Arms)Robin Arzon1/11/201645*OutKast Ride
ThemeIsn't She Lovely Ride Pt. 2Steven Little1/10/201645*Stevie Wonder Ride
ThemeKings of Grunge RideKim Fischer1/10/201645*Pearl Jam vs. Nirvana
ThemeBanjo Pop Rock Ride (No Arms)Christine D'Ercole1/9/201645*Mumford and Sons Ride
ThemeHip Hop Gold Digger RideSteven Little1/8/201630*Kanye Ride
ThemePop Heartthrobs RideCody Rigsby1/8/201645*Bieber vs. Usher Ride
ThemeTeen RideHannah Marie Corbin1/8/201630
ThemeUS Rock Duo Battle RideSteven Little1/8/201645*Black Keys vs. White Stripes
ThemeTeen RideJess King1/5/201630
Theme2015 EDM and House HitsRobin Arzon1/4/201645
ThemeIronic Ride (no arms)Christine D'Ercole1/2/201645*Alanis Morissette Ride (No Arms)
ThemeLady Legends RideHannah Marie Corbin1/2/201645*Tina Turner vs. Diana Ross Ride
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole1/1/201645
Theme2015 Remixed RideNicole Meline12/30/201545
ThemeAmerican Rock Battle Ride Pt. 2Kim Fischer12/30/201545*Incubus vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers
ThemeMusic History Ride: 2015Cody Rigsby12/30/201545
ThemeTeen RideHannah Marie Corbin12/29/201530
ThemeTeen RideHannah Marie Corbin12/29/201530
ThemeCountry Idol RideSteven Little12/28/201545*Carrie Underwood and Friends Ride
ThemeTV Musicals RideSteven Little12/23/201530*Glee Ride
ThemeCountry Christmas RideHannah Marie Corbin12/22/201530
ThemeMotown RideHannah Marie Corbin12/22/201530
ThemeWinter Wonderland RideChristine D'Ercole12/22/201530
Theme60s RideHannah Marie Corbin12/21/201530
ThemeMasters of Hip Hop RideHannah Marie Corbin12/20/201545*Beastie Boys vs. Biggie
Theme80s College Rock RideHannah Marie Corbin12/18/201545*U2 vs. R.E.M.
ThemeBoomer Ride Pt. 2Christine D'Ercole12/18/201530*Boomer Ride: Pink Floyd
ThemeIsn't She Lovely RideRobin Arzon12/18/201530*Stevie Wonder Ride
ThemeNew Pop Divas Duel RideCody Rigsby12/18/201545*Demi Lovato vs. Selena Gomez
ThemeBritish Pop Rock RideNicole Meline12/17/201545*Coldplay vs. Adele
ThemeClassic Rock Ride Pt. 1Jenn Sherman12/17/201545*Fleetwood Mac vs. The Eagles
ThemeEvolution of PopKim Fischer12/17/201545
ThemePercussion RideChristine D'Ercole12/17/201545
ThemeBoomer RideChristine D'Ercole12/16/201530
ThemeGrunge Now and Then RideHannah Marie Corbin12/16/201545*Nirvana vs. Foo Fighters
ThemePop Stars Battle RideRobin Arzon12/14/201545*Janet Jackson vs. Missy Elliott
ThemeGonna Fly Now RideHannah Marie Corbin12/13/201545*Rocky Ride
ThemeClassical Part 3 Ride (No Arms)Christine D'Ercole12/12/201545
ThemeNew Kings of Pop RideRobin Arzon12/12/201545*Justin Timberlake vs. Justin Bieber
ThemeHello & Chandelier RideCody Rigsby12/11/201545*Adele vs. Sia
ThemeTeen RideJess King12/11/201530
ThemeMusic History Ride: 2012Cody Rigsby12/9/201545
ThemeNeo-Disco RideSteph Nieman12/9/201530
ThemeSci-FI RideSteph Nieman12/9/201530*Tron Ride
ThemeBoogie Down RideKim Fischer12/8/201545
ThemePlush RideSteven Little12/8/201530*Stone Temple Pilots
ThemeR&B Hip Hop RideJess King12/7/201545*Drake vs. The Weeknd
ThemeSympathy For The Cycle Pt. 3Steven Little12/7/201545*Rolling Stones Ride
Theme90s Dance Music RideSteven Little12/6/201545
ThemePop Princess RideCody Rigsby12/4/201545*Britney Spears Ride
ThemeQueen of Pop Pt. 2 RideSteven Little12/4/201545*Madonna Ride
ThemeSome Uptown Funk RideSteven Little12/4/201530*Bruno Mars Ride
ThemeLegends of Rock RideKim Fischer12/3/201545
ThemePop Star Showdown RideNicole Meline12/3/201545*Gwen Stefani vs. Miranda Lambert
ThemeSpanish Ride Ep. 2Jess King12/1/201520
ThemeCountry Music RideHannah Marie Corbin11/29/201545
Theme80s English Rock Band RideChristine D'Ercole11/28/201545*The Cure Ride
ThemeTurkey Burn RideRobin Arzon11/26/201560
ThemeRock-A-Billy RideJess King11/25/201545
ThemeBoomer Ride Pt 1Christine D'Ercole11/24/201530*Boomer Ride: ABBA
ThemeGet Up and Go RideJess King11/24/201530
ThemeNew School Hip Hop RideKim Fischer11/24/201545
ThemeSpanish Ride Ep. 1Jess King11/23/201520
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole11/21/201545
ThemeHello RideSteven Little11/20/201545*Adele Ride
ThemeLittle Monsters Ride Pt. 3Steven Little11/20/201530*Lady Gaga Ride
ThemeRaise Your Glass Ride Pt. 2Cody Rigsby11/20/201545*P!nk Ride, Pink
ThemeAlt. Country Rock RideNicole Meline11/19/201545
ThemeStudio 54 RideJenn Sherman11/19/201545
Theme90s Grunge RideJess King11/18/201545
ThemeOld School Hip Hop RideKim Fischer11/17/201545
ThemeModern Rap GodsRobin Arzon11/16/201545*Kanye vs. Jay Z Ride
ThemeBanjo Pop Rock Ride (No Arms)Christine D'Ercole11/14/201545*Mumford Ride
ThemePop Queen RideCody Rigsby11/13/201545*Mariah Carey Ride
ThemeShe Will Be Loved RideSteven Little11/13/201530*Maroon 5 Ride
Theme90s Alt. Rock RideKim Fischer11/12/201545
ThemeOne Hit Wonders RideJenn Sherman11/12/201545
ThemePop Thriller RideJess King11/11/201545*Michael Jackson Ride
ThemeThunder Road Ride Pt. 2Hannah Marie Corbin11/8/201545*Bruce Springsteen Ride
ThemeVictory RideJenn Sherman11/8/201560
ThemeClassical RideChristine D'Ercole11/7/201545
ThemeGenie in a Bottle RideCody Rigsby11/6/201545*Christina Aguilera Ride
ThemeDon't Stop Believing RideJenn Sherman11/5/201545*Journey Ride
ThemeHaunted RideNicole Meline10/31/201560
ThemeSaturday Night Fever RideJenn Sherman10/29/201545
ThemePop Thriller RideSteven Little10/26/201545*Michael Jackson Ride
ThemeUnder the Bridge RideHannah Marie Corbin10/23/201545*Red Hot Chili Peppers Ride
ThemeBouncin' Round Ride Pt. 2Jess King10/21/201545*Phish Ride
ThemeUK Rock BattleSteven Little10/19/201545*Killers vs. Coldplay Ride
ThemeI Will Always Love You RideCody Rigsby10/16/201545*Whitney Houston Ride
ThemeFavorite Sing Alongs Part 3Jenn Sherman10/15/201545
Theme90s College Jam Gods RideJess King10/14/201545*DMB, Dave Matthews Band
ThemeDancing Queen Musical RideChristine D'Ercole10/14/201545*Mamma Mia! Ride
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole10/10/201545
ThemeMetal Gods Duel RideHannah Marie Corbin10/10/201545*Metallica vs. Kiss Ride
ThemeFemale Rappers RideCody Rigsby10/9/201545*Nicki Minaj vs. Lil' Kim Ride
ThemePiano Man vs Rocket Man Pt. 3Jenn Sherman10/8/201545*Billy Joel vs. Elton John Part 3
ThemeJock Jams RideHannah Marie Corbin10/3/201545
Theme00s Divas Duel RideCody Rigsby10/2/201545*Ciara vs. Missy Elliott
ThemeTop 40 RideHannah Marie Corbin10/2/201545
ThemeSoul RideJenn Sherman10/1/201545*Stevie vs. Earth, Wind, and Fire
ThemeGood Life RideChristine D'Ercole9/29/201545*OneRepublic Ride
ThemeBritish Invasion RideHannah Marie Corbin9/25/201545
ThemeBroadway RideJess King9/23/201545
ThemeAlt. Rock Duel RideSteven Little9/21/201545*Imagine Dragons vs. Mumford
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole9/19/201545
ThemeBoy Band & Breakout RideCody Rigsby9/18/201545*Justin Timberlake vs. NSYNC
ThemeBrightside RideSteven Little9/18/201520*The Killers Ride
ThemePiano Man vs Rocket Man Pt. 5Steven Little9/17/201545*Billy Joel vs Elton John Ride
ThemeEast Coast vs. West Coast Hip Hop RideJess King9/16/201545
ThemeReggaeton RideRobin Arzon9/16/201545
ThemeClassical Music Ride (No Arms)Christine D'Ercole9/12/201545
ThemeDual Ride with RobinJess King9/12/201560
ThemeModern DJ Legend RideJess King9/9/201545*Diplo and Friends Ride
ThemeSympathy For The Cycle RideNicole Meline9/9/201520*Rolling Stones Ride
Theme80s Rock Gods Ride Pt. 3Hannah Marie Corbin9/4/201545*Van Halen vs. Bon Jovi Ride
Theme80s Alternative RideChristine D'Ercole8/29/201545*80's Alternative + The Cure Ride
ThemeNew Queen of Pop RideCody Rigsby8/21/201545*Katy Perry Ride
ThemeLittle Monsters RideNicole Meline8/19/201520*All Out Lady Gaga Ride
ThemeSports Movie Favorites RideHannah Marie Corbin8/15/201545
ThemeDancing Queen Ride Pt. 2Christine D'Ercole8/10/201545*ABBA Part II Ride
ThemeBest Of You RideSteven Little8/5/201520*Foo Fighters Ride
ThemeRaise Your Glass Pt. 2Christine D'Ercole8/5/201545*P!nk Ride, Pink
ThemeDirty Dancing Jams RideRobin Arzon8/4/201545
ThemeDual Ride with AntoniaLisa Niren8/2/201560
ThemeQueen of Pop RideJenn Sherman7/23/201545*Madonna Ride
ThemeBanjo Pop Rock Ride Pt. 3Christine D'Ercole7/21/201545*Mumford and Sons Ride
ThemeMantra RideChristine D'Ercole7/18/201545
ThemeDancing Queen RideChristine D'Ercole7/14/201545*ABBA Ride
Theme90s College Jam Gods RideChristine D'Ercole7/11/201545*Dave Matthews Band Ride, DMB
ThemePop Thriller RideJenn Sherman7/9/201545*Michael Jackson Ride
ThemeReggaetonJess King7/8/201545
ThemeMr. Jones RideChristine D'Ercole6/30/201545*Counting Crows Ride
ThemeDog Days Are Over Ride Pt. 2Christine D'Ercole6/27/201545*Florence + the Machine Ride
ThemeROCKTANESteven Little6/26/201530
ThemeWoodstock RideJenn Sherman6/25/201545
ThemeDad's Choice RideLisa Niren6/21/201560
ThemeBrit Rock Ride Pt. 3Christine D'Ercole6/20/201545*Queen Part II
ThemeParty in the USA RideCody Rigsby6/19/201545*Miley Cyrus Ride
ThemeWe Will FollowJenn Sherman6/18/201545*U2 Ride
ThemeI Want My MTV RideJenn Sherman6/11/201545
ThemeSexyback RideCody Rigsby6/5/201545*Justin Timberlake Ride
ThemeDog Days Are Over Ride Pt. 3Nicole Meline6/3/201545*Florence + the Machine Ride
Theme80s Pop Gods RideChristine D'Ercole6/2/201545*Duran Duran Ride
ThemePiano Man vs Rocket Man Pt. 2Jenn Sherman5/28/201545*Elton John Vs Billy Joel Part 2
ThemeBritish Rock RideJenn Sherman5/21/201545
ThemeLivin' on a Prayer RideChristine D'Ercole5/16/201545*Bon Jovi Ride
ThemeLittle Monsters Ride Pt. 2Cody Rigsby5/15/201545*Lady Gaga Ride
ThemeFix You RideJenn Sherman5/14/201545*Coldplay Ride
ThemePower House Divas RideJenn Sherman5/14/201545
Theme90's Hip Hop RideSteph Nieman5/11/201545
ThemeJam BandHannah Marie Corbin5/8/201520*Phish Ride
ThemeBanjo Pop Rock Ride Pt. 2Nicole Meline5/6/201545*Mumford & Sons Ride
ThemeR&B Hip Hop RideSteph Nieman5/5/201545*Drake Vs The Weeknd Ride
Theme90s Guilty Pleasures Pt. 2Cody Rigsby5/1/201545*Spice Girls Ride
ThemeOne Hit Wonders RideHannah Marie Corbin5/1/201545
ThemeAmerican Folk Duo RideChristine D'Ercole4/21/201545*Indigo Girls Ride
Theme90s vs 00s Boy Band DualCody Rigsby4/17/201545
ThemeBritish Invasion RideKim Fischer4/15/201545
ThemeEast Coast Vs West Coast II RideRobin Arzon4/13/201545
ThemeBattle of the OG Pop PrincessesCody Rigsby4/10/201545*Britney Vs Christina Ride
ThemeSexyback RideJenn Sherman4/9/201545*Justin Timberlake Ride
ThemeFavorite Sing Along RideJenn Sherman4/2/201545
Theme60's Era RideKim Fischer4/1/201545
ThemeFull Body RideSteph Nieman3/30/201520
ThemeThunder Road Ride Pt. 2Jenn Sherman3/26/201545*Bruce Springsteen Ride
Theme60s Rock RideSteph Nieman3/23/201520*Best of The Who Ride
Theme80s Rock Gods Pt. 2Steph Nieman3/22/201520*Sting + The Police Ride
ThemeBanjo Pop Rock Ride Pt. 3Christine D'Ercole3/21/201545*Mumford and Sons Ride
ThemeFavorite Sing Along RideJenn Sherman3/19/201545
ThemeEast vs West Coast Hip Hop RideRobin Arzon3/18/201545
ThemeSoul Train RideKim Fischer3/18/201545
ThemeDiva Showdown RideRobin Arzon3/16/201545
ThemeDog Days Are Over Ride Pt. 3Christine D'Ercole3/14/201545*Florence + the Machine Ride
ThemePop Princess Ride Pt. 2Cody Rigsby3/13/201545*Britney Ride
ThemeBoy Band RideJenn Sherman3/12/201545
ThemePiano Man vs. Rocket Man RideJenn Sherman3/12/201545*Elton Vs Billy Ride
ThemeSuperhero RideKim Fischer3/11/201545
ThemeSummer Jams RideHannah Marie Corbin3/8/201545
ThemeCarribean Queen RideCody Rigsby3/6/201545*Rihanna Ride
Theme90's Grunge RideKim Fischer3/4/201545
ThemeJam Bands RideHannah Marie Corbin3/2/201545
ThemePop Star Exes Ride Pt. 2Jess King2/16/201545*Britney vs Justin Ride with Cody
ThemeSingles RideNicole Meline2/14/201560
ThemeBad Girls 2.0 Ride with RobinJess King2/9/201590
ThemeMusic Awards RideNicole Meline2/9/201545*Grammy Ride
ThemeDream of the 90's RideHannah Marie Corbin2/7/201545
ThemeMotown RideRobin Arzon2/4/201545
ThemeYou're the One That I Want RideJess King2/4/201545*Grease is the Word Ride
ThemePin Up Ride with Jess KingNicole Meline1/25/201560
ThemeBroadway RideJess King1/14/201545
Theme2015 Dream Ride with NicoleChristine D'Ercole12/31/201460
ThemeBad Girls Explicit Ride with RobinJess King12/22/201475
ThemeRemix Ride with RobinNicole Meline12/17/201475
ThemeDouble Trouble with LisaAntonia DeSantis12/7/201460
ThemeTurkey Burn RideRobin Arzon11/27/201460