How to clean your Peloton bike

This is the official recommendation from Peloton on how to clean your bike.

Most importantly after you’ve worked out, you want to get your bike clean and dry as to not damage or rust any of the metal over time. If you sweat a lot, your first line of defense is a spintowel.

I also like to use Force of Nature on one of these microfiber cloths – don’t ever spray anything directly on the bike! Force of Nature is a gentle but super powerful multitasking cleaner for pretty much everything in your house. It turns salt, water & vinegar into a cleaner, disinfectant & deodorizer as effective as bleach. It’s also super cool and costs less per ounce than anything else out there.

If you prefer a disposable solution, Wipex or Lysol wipes will do the job but create needless waste. The amazon microfiber cloths work really well at cleaning up all kind of household mess and you can throw them right in the washing machine.

Through the end of February, you can get 30% off Force of Nature Extra Value Bundles (Starter Kit + 25 extra Capsules) plus free shipping with code FEBSAVE.

Do you have any favorite products for keeping your workout area clean?

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Exciting new release from spintowel!

Big news! Our friends at spintowel have launched a new line in four gorgeous colors! If you are not familiar, these towels are custom fit to the Peloton handlebars to protect your bike and keep you focused on your ride. In addition to the top five reasons to love a spintowel, here are five more reasons to keep it tidy in COLOR.

  1. Color code your family members so you don’t get your towels mixed up. Poppy Red for Dad, Grape for Mom, etc.
  2. Coordinate with your home gym decor. You know what would look really nice with that neon pink “P” on your wall? A Hot Pink spintowel on your bike!
  3. Match your outfit. Admit it, your #magicpants want a #magictowel!
  4. Rotate each color for different days of the week so you know which one needs to go to the laundry next.
  5. Do it for the Peloton fam! Co-founders Dave and Courtney are long time riders and community members. They run their own business and towels are made in Brooklyn, NY USA!

Get yours here and receive a 10% discount on your first order with code ‘PELOTONGUIDE’.

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Upgrading your Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

By far the question I get asked the most is…

What’s the best heart rate monitor for the Peloton bike???

You likely got a heart rate monitor from Peloton in your “The Works” bundle.  It is an adequate model to get you started but it will likely fail and frustrate you within the first year or so.  While many third party heart rate monitors are compatible with Peloton, I’ve found the Scosche RHYTHM+  to be the easiest to use and to wear.  

This VERY popular model is also used at Life Time Athletic and Orange Theory, so if you already have one from them it will work with your bike (unclear if one not purchased from Life Time or Orange is reverse compatible, let me know if you’ve tried it and I’ll report back!).

The only issue I’ve had with the Scosche is forgetting to charge it or turn it on (duh).  Otherwise I find the arm band to be much more comfortable and easier to adjust than a chest strap.

ETA: I’ve received some feedback that the new Scosche RHYTHM24 has been working well with the software updates (it’s also waterproof and has a 24 hour battery life). I have one on the way and will post a review once I’ve tried it out!

Do you use a heart rate monitor?  Which one do you like?


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Top five reasons to love a spintowel

If you’ve been checking out Pelotons in the wild on instagram lately, you’ve probably noticed some cool grey towels on the handlebars.  Curious what they are and what you’ve been missing out on? They are spintowels!

Courtney and Dave are home riders who have created this masterpiece and the coolest custom Peloton product I’ve yet to see.  This towel slips perfectly on the handle bars and protects your precious bike from your hard earned perspiration (and even more importantly that of the other riders in your household).  It also comes with a matching small towel for your face and body, that has a super smart loop to keep it at the ready on your handlebars.

My top five reasons to love a spintowel…

  1. protect the bike from moisture and stink (duh)
  2. no slippery handlebars or sweat related ride distractions
  3. bonus use – functions as a convenient snack shelf…yes, really
  4. bonus use – the loop on the baby towel makes for easy towel waving (which you’ll surely do because…you’re home and no one can see you)
  5. do it for the ‘gram and the instant pelo-fame

Get yours here and receive a 10% discount on your first order with code ‘PELOTONGUIDE’.

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