Live DJ Rides

DJ John Michael has scoured his archive of playlists and graciously allowed us to reference his theme rides here!

For more updates on his rides and playlists, join his fan group on facebook.

80’s RideJessica King07/09/17
Tony Awards RideHannah Marie Corbin06/11/17
90’s Hip Hop RideJessica King05/26/17
90's Hip Hop RideRobin Arzon03/31/17
Max Martin RideCody Rigsby02/05/17
Madonna RideCody Rigsby12/18/16
Britney Spears Ride IICody Rigsby12/04/16
Freestyle Ride IIRobin Arzon10/14/16
Britney Spears Ride ICody Rigsby10/07/16
Adele RideChristine D'Ercole09/16/16
Britney Spears ‘Glory’ RideCody Rigsby08/26/16
80’s Ride IIRobin Arzon08/19/16
Sia RideJessica King08/05/16
School's Out RideJennifer Jacobs06/26/16
The Jacksons RideAlex Toussaint06/04/16
Freestyle Ride IRobin Arzon06/03/16
80’s Ride IRobin Arzon04/15/16
DiscoChristine D'Ercole03/25/16