Looking for more Peloton super fans?  Here are some unofficial resources from the Peloton community.

How about a podcast?  The Clip Out is a new podcast hosted by homerider Crystal and her husband Tom.  They discuss all things Peloton with coaches and other homeriders.

Prefer Youtube? Watch homerider Don aka “SeattleSaddle” as he vlogs his Peloton journey.

Is your size out of stock in the boutique again? Check out SAG Wagon Swag for custom tanks and Peloton fan gear.

Ladies, are you looking for an even more comfortable ride? Pixi Cycling makes amazing leggings with removable padding (so you can wear them to yoga, pilates…and starbucks too).

Are you a data geek?  Check out the Peloton Analytics Tool where homerider Blake built a tool to help you analyze your progress.

Looking to buy a used bike (or shoes or gear)? Check out the Peloton Buy Sell Trade page on facebook.

Homerider Paul has developed a super thorough Heart Rate Zone training app for the iPhone and Apple watch called mPaceLine.  It’s free to try and you’ll be able to download data from rides you’ve already completed.

Check out K’s 100 ride streak journey on her new blog!

If you’ve got some of your own content to share, let us know!