How to clean your Peloton bike

This is the official recommendation from Peloton on how to clean your bike.

Most importantly after you’ve worked out, you want to get your bike clean and dry as to not damage or rust any of the metal over time. If you sweat a lot, your first line of defense is a spintowel.

I also like to use Force of Nature on one of these microfiber cloths – don’t ever spray anything directly on the bike! Force of Nature is a gentle but super powerful multitasking cleaner for pretty much everything in your house. It turns salt, water & vinegar into a cleaner, disinfectant & deodorizer as effective as bleach. It’s also super cool and costs less per ounce than anything else out there.

If you prefer a disposable solution, Wipex or Lysol wipes will do the job but create needless waste. The amazon microfiber cloths work really well at cleaning up all kind of household mess and you can throw them right in the washing machine.

And right now it’s a great deal, $15 off & free shipping on Value Bundles and Starter Kits with code LOVE2SAVE.

Do you have any favorite products for keeping your workout area clean?

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