Upgrading your Peloton Heart Rate Monitor

By far the question I get asked the most is…

What’s the best heart rate monitor for the Peloton bike???

You likely got a heart rate monitor from Peloton in your “The Works” bundle.  It is an adequate model to get you started but it will likely fail and frustrate you within the first year or so.  While many third party heart rate monitors are compatible with Peloton, I’ve found the Scosche RHYTHM+  to be the easiest to use and to wear.  

This VERY popular model is also used at Life Time Athletic and Orange Theory, so if you already have one from them it will work with your bike (unclear if one not purchased from Life Time or Orange is reverse compatible, let me know if you’ve tried it and I’ll report back!).

The only issue I’ve had with the Scosche is forgetting to charge it or turn it on (duh).  Otherwise I find the arm band to be much more comfortable and easier to adjust than a chest strap.

ETA: I’ve received some feedback that the new Scosche RHYTHM24 has been working well with the software updates (it’s also waterproof and has a 24 hour battery life). I have one on the way and will post a review once I’ve tried it out!

Do you use a heart rate monitor?  Which one do you like?


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    1. I’ve been having the same trouble recently. It is due to a software update on Peloton’s side. Try clearing your cache and rebooting.

        1. Click on the top right corner and select Device Settings, then Apps, then Peloton, and Clear cache. Then hold down the top button and restart. Good luck!

  1. I’m habing trouble pairing my Orangetheory arm heart rate monitor to my peleton bike.
    Can someone give me step by step instructions please.

    1. Is it a Scosche arm band? You should be able to just turn it on and it should connect automatically. You don’t need to pair it as Bluetooth.

  2. I thought I was going crazy with my peloton HRM. I kept calling customer support, and they said I was the only person having this problem. I kept rebooting my bike, and half the time the monitor wouldn’t work. Now I know I am not crazy : ) It is their crappy monitor and not me!

    1. Mine stopped working after two weeks, they sent a new one and it stopped working on the middle of the first workout, might be some chinese crap hr monitor..

  3. I bought the Scosche RHYTHM+ monitor specifically for Christine’s classes and more often than not there is no heart rate data saved in my workout history for spin classes. It shows up while I am riding, but after the fact it is either non-existent all together or once it was just a flat line at the bottom of zone 1 (even though throughout the ride it moved of course). Then, after those same classes that have no heartrate data saved (but do have the other metrics saved), if I do stretch or strength still wearing my monitor, THAT data shows up in my profile. I just cleared the cache but my gut tells me if it was a cache issue then the other other data wouldn’t be saving (?) Anyone else have this?

    1. Interesting…I’ve only had the opposite problem, where it doesn’t display but it does record. I’d open a ticket with Peloton, they seem to be aware that something is up with the heart rate data.

      1. We had only used the Rhythm+ for running but we lost it when we moved. The extra $20 was worth it for the waterproof features of the Rhythm24.

      2. would love some help – brand new Rhythm24 for use with Peloton Bike –
        I have cleared cache and rebooted as suggested. Turned bluetooth on but not connected – no display of HR during class. turned bluetooth off – no display.
        I am pressing MFB button and getting blue blinking light that will change to match zones. I have pressed record button and getting three yellow LEDs – still no HR display on screen during class. I never had a problem with my Peloton HR, I just didn’t like the chest strap. Anyone??

      3. ****UPDATE TO QUESTION****
        I decided to try one more variable. I pressed “more” then “just ride”. A box popped up stating HR monitor not connected. (bluetooth off) I pressed connect and it connected via ANT with HR and music displaying in upper left. I turned the bike off and back on and tried it with a class and …. HR displayed! I am slightly afraid to get off the bike, turn it off, or turn off HR monitor! Thanks for this blog!

        1. Hi Kathy! You should be able to just turn the HRM on and it should connect automatically to the bike via ANT. No need to connect it manually though Bluetooth. It has both Bluetooth and ANT capabilities but only needs the ANT if that makes sense. Good luck!

  4. The Rhythm24 has less than average reviews on Amazon, while the Rhythm+ has better than average reviews…Mike, Richard, everyone else… Why is this? Would you all purchase the R24 for $20 extra? Reviews are important, but real world experience is also important to me. Thank you in advance for your time and consderation.

  5. I could see the hart rate link on the ios app, but not on the android app and sadly we most often use the app on an andoid tablet 🙁

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