How to ride your Peloton bike while your baby takes a nap

…aka how to earn that #naptimehustle and squeak in a shower too!

When I first bought my bike, one of the major appeals of becoming an “at-home-workout-person” was the concept of getting in a quality workout while my baby slept.  That was three years ago. Since then that baby no longer naps (but does go to preschool, yay!) and I’ve got another babe I’m juggling my bike time with. There’s nothing worse than abandoning a ride before it’s completed just because my little friend woke up.  Like most things, preparation is key. Here is my list of things to do while baby is still awake in order to maximize nap time.

Get yo bike together!

  • Check for software updates!! — Peloton updates their software roughly once a week, but they can pop up unexpectedly and sometimes can take a while to complete. About an hour or so before you plan on riding, wake up your bike, say hi and check for updates to run asap.
  • Adjust your seat settings —Double check your bike settings and make sure it’s ready for you to hop on.  If they haven’t been adjusted since last time, tighten up each bolt just to be safe.
  • Make sure your headphones and heart rate monitor are charged and ready.

Get yo self together!

  • Pick out your clothes and get dressed — Put on everything you’re going to wear, this means everything.  Socks, pants, sports bra, shirt, watch, headband, hair tie. If you want to ride in your pjs, that’s cool too! Just make sure you have what you need so you are not scrambling later. If you’re nursing baby right before they go down, I prefered to wear my regular nursing bra/tank until baby was asleep and leave my sports bra and top on the bike to put on at the last minute.
  • Water — Load up those water bottles and put them in the holders so you’re not wasting any time later or even worse clip in and totally forget it.
  • Towel — Grab your fresh spintowel out of the laundry room, there’s no time to get it later!
  • Move baby monitor — If you’re keeping a constant eye on baby while you ride, move your monitor near the bike.  Don’t forget the charger or AC adapter if you want the video up constantly.
  • Pick out your post workout clothes — Since you are so well prepared, you’ll have plenty of time for a shower too (um and even if you don’t you’re going to need clean clothes eventually right?). Pick these out now instead of later so that when baby gets up, you’re refreshed and ready.

As you can see, it’s not quite as simple as just “ride when baby naps”, but once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature.  The goal here is to put the baby down and jump on and off the bike as smoothly and quickly as possible. If you’re not quite sure how long baby will stay asleep, start with a 20 minute ride and build up to longer rides as the naps get more consistant. Good luck!

Do you have any tips for riding while napping? Share them below!

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